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Preparations for shower tile painting

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Preparations for shower tile painting


So this lockdown I've decided to repaint the tiles in my shower. I've watched a bunch of YouTube videos and I know it can be tricky, so wanted to get some advice before I charge ahead. 

Firstly - I've read lots of stuff about using Rust-oleum Tub and Tile, but I can't figure out the difference between Tub and Tile and Tile Transformations? They seem to do the same thing...? 

Secondly, I'll be making sure those tiles are super clean before I begin (with a few passes of sugar soap), light sanding and final clean and dry. Is there anything else I need to do to prep the tiles/grout?

Just want to make sure I get this right the first time!


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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Preparations for shower tile painting

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community Chris (@Christomk). It's a pleasure to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about tile coatings.


The difference between the two products is that the Rust-Oleum Tile Transformations Tile Coating System is a textured finish and is suitable for shower stalls. The Rust-Oleum Tub And Tile Refinishing Kit is a smooth finish and unsuitable for high humidity environments, including shower stalls.


You should find this technical data sheet for the Rust-Oleum Tile Transformations Tile Coating System useful as it includes preparation instructions.


The following is taken from the preparation instructions:


  • Clean all surfaces thoroughly with a multi-purpose cleaner. Bleach is not recommended. Clean all grout lines with a stiff brush.


  • There is a packet of cleaner included in this kit. Dampen the included scrub pad and sprinkle the cleaner over it. Scrub the entire shower stall to remove mould, dirt and soap scum. Thoroughly rinse down the area, ensuring all residue is gone. Repeat the cleaning until the tiles feel clean and have a smooth surface.


  • Remove all silicone caulking inside the stall as the product will not adhere to it. This can be replaced after the painting is completed. Ensure you pay particular attention to any areas where the silicone could be smeared onto the tiles.


  • Inspect the grout between the tiles for any cracks, chips or holes. Repair grout first by re-grouting severely damaged areas.


  • Once cleaned, repaired and dried, remove any moveable fixtures. You can then tape off any adjacent walls with painter's tape.


There is no sanding process recommended before applying the Rust-Oleum Tile Transformations Tile Coating System.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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