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How do you keep your home warm in winter?

DraughtStoppers.pngMy tips for keeping your home warm in winter while keeping your lower bills as low as possible:


  • Easily check your doors and windows for draughts on those windy days by holding a piece of tissue papers up against their internal frame. If the paper moves in the breeze, you should seal it up. Use a rubber seal to fill the gap, and there is a wide range of options available.


  • Door snakes aren't just for front doors. Use them to isolate rooms to keep heat trapped within the areas you're using.


  • Heavy linen or woollen curtains that fall below the window sill are a fantastic way to stop heat loss through windows. Adding pelmets can also assist.



Insulation is so important. Makes a huge difference. A much more simple tip is just keeping a rug or two or a doona on the couch for watching TV. I get cold when I'm not moving around the house, but being able to huddle under a rug stops the temptation of turning up the heating too high. - Isobel


Don't forget the simple draught stopper or door snake. They really can make a difference to the temperature of a room. - CathD


There are some simple ways to winter-proof your home by keeping the cold out and sealing in the warmth, including sealing windows and doors, closing blinds and adding insulation. They not only help you stay warm, but can also save you money in energy costs. The video below shows you how. - Jason



Community Manager
Community Manager

Lots of timely advice here. If you have tips for keeping your home warm, please share them with the community.






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Hi Mitchell.

I always close the air-conditioning louvers in the ceiling vents. Did this yesterday - and a good time to clean them.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @Noyade


Thanks for that extra winter tip. I often forget to close the vents in my bathroom and it always turns ice cold in there.




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