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Backyard makeover on a budget

Building a Reputation
Building a Reputation


A previously neglected backyard was transformed with a new paved area and garden beds.




The project


I moved into a neglected house last year, and there was a crumbling, termite-infested shed in the backyard.




We ended up tearing down the shed (and treating for termites) which left a sunken pit in the garden bed of sand and weeds. Given that I was on a tight budget, I had to work out the most cost-effective way to transform the space.




At the time, the house only had a three-wire, pull-out clothes line, which was not ideal. We ended up erecting a Hills Hoist rotary clothesline and filled the pit with sand from the adjoining garden bed. We used 600 x 600mm cement pavers and basalt stones to create an eye-catching, functional and cheap floor cover for the area. 










We then moved on to the garden bed. After lots of weeding, soil conditioning and love, we managed to create a neat and inviting area. We built the cantilever out of H4 Pine posts, reo mesh and wire. The bench was a Facebook Marketplace steal, and the plants were all marked down, or clippings.


The festoons certainly create a great atmosphere.  




I planted a couple of bougainvillea under the cantilever. The garden bed gets afternoon sun, so I’m hoping the bougainvillea can eventually create a canopy to shade the area.






All up, the garden bed and clothesline area cost under $1000. 


Before and after






Kind of a Big Deal

Afternoon @Tocikjaa 

Snap!!! I saw the area you fixed up where the old shed was into the clothesline area :surprised: Man O man, love those pavers and the black stones! Seriously the reflection after they have been hosed looks great! 


The other part that caught my eyes was the post of the lighting :smile: I want to do something like that in my front yard and am going to have a go useing the ground screws you can get from Bunnings. Did you concrete your post in?


The yard looks loved again :smile: 



Building a Reputation

Thanks @Dave-1!

It has been a labour of love. 
Regarding the light post, I struggled to find wood long enough to reach the height  I needed, so I couldn’t bury it deep. 

I ended up cementing the post in a 20L bucket, and buried that quite shallow. I then ran a guide wire in the opposite direction of the tension to prevent it from falling. 

It worked fine for my needs. But if you don’t have the option for a guide wire, I would definitely recommend either digging 1/3 of the pole length and cementing. Or do as you suggested and bolt it. 

Happy landscaping!

Getting Established

Great outcome, your handwork certainly paid dividends... my only complaint is no night shots of those strung lights 😁

Kind of a Big Deal

Morning @Tocikjaa 

:smile: I have thought of a gabage can filleed with rocks to support a post before and cannot think why I didnt even consider a bucket with concrete! lol I think Ive just gone down the path too far in not liking concrete :smile: A very nice idea I must admit!



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