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Stacked stone cladding for gas heater fireplace

Established Contributor
Established Contributor

Stacked stone creates a wonderful feature for this living room. 





The project


This one was fun to knock down – I finally completed the last room in my house, which had been empty for four years.


The fireplace was quite straightforward to build: timber frame, cement sheet and stone cladding. The gas heater was installed by a qualified tradie.











The cutting of the stone was a nightmare in the sense of the mess that it makes. I did all the cuts in the garage and everything was covered in dust.


The best advice I can give is to have a good-quality masonry cutting disc for a small grinder. It makes cuts much easier.




I splashed some cash on some furniture and it's the perfect spot once the kids go to bed!




How to lay a stacked stone feature wall




Bunnings' resident D.I.Y. experts have put together this handy video and step-by-step guide: How to lay a stacked stone feature wall.


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HI @Jimi and welcome..


That is an absolutely brilliant job.!!!


I was only thinking the other day "why don't people put in faux fireplaces if there isn't a chimney built in.!!"

You have a big range of brick or stone paneling these days and you could have a rectangular opening or an arch shape opening..

It would be quite easy for a DIY person to have an imitation fireplace in their living room..


I would very much like to do that myself but I don't have a suitable wall to build one on..


Well done..😁



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Hey @Jimi this looks absolutely fantastic, love the colour choice of the stacked stone.


The mantle piece is great to and would separate any heat from the fire place and the TV too I assume ?


I think after this winter in QLD my wife would certainly consider this in the main room 😉.

Well done mate.



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Thanks @Prof and @CSParnell

I was quite against gas fireplaces originally as I grew up with an open fireplace, but then the thought of chopping firewood and also storing the wood...made me cringe. Once I looked into the gas option I was very impressed with the units and it seemed all too obvious that it was perfect for what I wanted to achieve.


The mantle is positioned with spacing as recommended by the fireplace manufacturer to obviously protect the TV and not gain too much heat, but now that it is there, the heat doesn't really affect the mantle at all as the fan propels the heat away from the mantle anyways.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @Jimi


I was wondering if the heat from the fireplace rose up towards the mantle and serves as a deflector for the tv. But since you mentioned that the heat actually gets propelled away, then the tv is perfectly safe. That stone cladding is just so cool, it makes the area look so posh.


Very nicely done.




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