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Transition from tile to hybrid floor

Having an Impact
Having an Impact


Fitting a transition cover trim between rooms and adding scotia moulding to the walls.




The project


I recently did my first attempt at laying hybrid flooring (replaced the existing carpets) on the concrete floor in my small living room.


I planned on adding scotia moulding, but before I did that, I wanted to get the transition between the tiles and the hybrid floor sorted. The gap of the transition is about 10mm and the edge of the tiles appear to be 3mm higher than the hybrid flooring. 




Firstly I went out and picked up the QEP Cover Trim. I was a bit worried at first it would make movement as you walked over it, but after a day of it being held down with the Construction Adhesive, it's 100% not moving and it feels safe to walk over.




I also purchased some Scotia Moulding.  






Using a Compound Mitre Saw, I cut the scotia moulding to the correct length and then attached it to the skirting board using a Ryobi 18V ONE+ Brad Nailer. I then primed the scotia moulding with Dulux 1L PRECISION Maximum Strength Adhesion Primer White, and once dry, painted over it with the Dulux colour White on White, so it matched the skirtings colour.


For the finishing touch, I filled the gap between the scotia moulding and the skirting boards with Selleys 475g No More Gaps Interior Multipurpose Gap Filler. I'd say overall it was a success.






Kind of a Big Deal

Sensational @barydos Can I please ask if you purchased flooring from Bunnings and what is it called ? 
We are getting ready to do our floor 😃

Kind of a Big Deal

Afternoon @barydos 

You have done a nice job, it certainly has brought clean lines to the transition.

Having different materials and heights can be difficult to marry up but your job looks pretty seemless.



Having an Impact

Thanks everyone :smile:

@mich1972these ones are spotted gum hybrid flooring purchased from Big Brands in Dandenong.

Kind of a Big Deal

@barydos  Thank you for your reply, absolutely beautiful ! 😃

Becoming a Leader

Hi @barydos 

This type of transition solving is terrific!  I've been hunting for something that will do exactly the same job!  Thanks for sharing and providing an excellent range of photos and links. 👍

I'll tag @Dave-1  too, as it may be of interest to him as well.

Cheers 🤗

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