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Making a Benchtop Router Trolley (and drawers)

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Making a Benchtop Router Trolley (and drawers)

scheppach router.jpg

I bought this Scheppach Benchtop Router when it came up on special but had nowhere to put it so I made a trolley for it. Timber is expensive and I try to get what I can free or cheap, the grey melamine sheet used here was actually side panels from office work stations that I bought at auction for about $12.50 for 2 of them. I measured up what I needed and was able to cut the panels for the dual tops and the bottom leaving 3 sides with the existing edge banding still in place. The side panels and shelf only required 1 face with edge banding. It was a very simple "H" design build that I just screwed the panels together, starting with the shelf and sides then the top and bottom then finally adding the 2nd top which is glued down covering the screws of the initial top. I fitted some castors and it was completed in a couple hours.
Several months later I got around to adding some drawers.
Router Cabinet Drawers 1.jpg
I had some 18mm Form Ply on hand cut the drawer carcasses to size, ran them through the table saw and cut a 6mm Dado channel for the plywood drawer bottoms then used pocket hole joinery to screw  them together, I had 2 sets of steel drawer slides already that were intended for another project and finished mounting the drawers in the cabinet.
Router Cabinet Drawers 2.jpg  I purchased two router bit storage trays from the United States because I couldn't find anyone here that had them, then had to make some filler strips around them so that they fitted perfectly in the drawer.
Router Cabinet Drawers 3.jpg

Router Cabinet Drawers 4.jpg
Next it was time to make the drawer fronts and I had no more grey melamine left so I used what were shelves from a salvaged office bookcase.
Router Cabinet Drawers 5.jpg

Router Cabinet Drawers 6.jpg
I cut them to size then affixed a contrasting brown PVC edge band with high strength double sided tape.
Router Cabinet Drawers 8.jpg

Router Cabinet Drawers 9.jpg

Router Cabinet Drawers 7.jpg

Router Cabinet Drawers 11.jpg
I used a trim router to remove the overhanging edge banding then applied 2 coats of Minwax Wipe on Polyurethane.
Router Cabinet Drawers 12.jpg
I used some chrome disability hand rails as handles because I wanted to achieve that beefy look. The drawer fronts are just screwed on from behind through the front carcass panel.
Router Cabinet Drawers 14.jpg

Router drawer 7.jpg
Top drawer for router bits and collets and the bottom drawer for handheld routers.

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Re: Making a Benchtop Router Trolley (and drawers)



As always, a brilliant use of resources, & an end product that looks amazing.

I'll look into getting some of that FastCap SpeedTape too, so thanks for putting me onto it. : )

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Re: Making a Benchtop Router Trolley (and drawers)

Router bit tray
I think I would rather drill some holes in some wood or plastic...

How have you found the router table to be? The reviews I have read on it haven't exactly been glowing, people have complained about the flatness and the shaft lock mostly, it may be that people expect too much quality for the price they are paying?

They also have a table saw it gets better reviews although it wouldn't match it with the gold standard of DIY saws

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Re: Making a Benchtop Router Trolley (and drawers)

The biggest issue I have found is the flimsy fence that comes with it, with my small and fat fingers the spindle lock is impossible to use so I just use two spanners to change bits. The biggest pluses are the height adjustment with a machine wheel and the adjustable speeds. I rarely use the fence at all with most routing done using bearing bits. I also have a CNC Router which I use to perform a lot of tasks one would normally do with a handheld or table router.

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