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Power tool cabinets

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Power tool cabinets

IMG_6097.JPGNeeding to organise and store my powertools I undertook this little project.


Built almost entirely from wood repurposed from crates and pallets it was a very cheap build and kept me busy.


I am very proud of how it turned out and am now looking for a new project to work on.


IMG_2668.JPGIMG_2669.JPGIMG_3234.JPGIMG_3239.JPGIMG_3244.JPGIMG_3353.JPGIMG_3350.JPGIMG_3442.JPGIMG_3448.JPGIMG_3614.JPGIMG_3616.JPGIMG_3632 - Copy.JPGIMG_3647.JPGIMG_3654.JPGIMG_3644 - Copy.JPGIMG_3669.JPGIMG_5521.JPGIMG_3670.JPGIMG_5530.JPGIMG_5552.JPGIMG_5736.JPGIMG_5965.JPGIMG_5972.JPGIMG_5968.JPGIMG_5973.JPGIMG_6031.JPGIMG_6097.JPGIMG_6103.JPGIMG_6106.JPGIMG_6112.JPGIMG_6108.JPG

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Re: Power tool cabinets

@Cassy5   You sound like me around 10 - 15 years ago.  Always had the hubby to do the shed and outside work.  Ummm then I find myself, flying solo and wanting to fix this or that and on the phone to my pop in  a different state, trying to get advice on how to do this or that.  Then when I came down to visit I started spending more time in the shed with pop and not in the kitchen with Gran, then he took me out with him to buy timber and fixings etc.  And I found myself really getting into it.  Then when Gran passed away pop would come and stay with me and my daughters and he gave me encouragement and encouragement to have a go at making things.  I remember one of the very first things I made out of pine, a 5 fold room dividers, with two of them having cork boards for bits and pieces and the other 3 with gingham curtains, SEWING.  And if I have to say myself it turned out great and 15 years later I still have.  The 1st time pop came up to visit he gave me the courage to build a craft room for my daughters and I.  Now some dozen years later I've just build another one on a bigger scale.  Well almost still have a few odd jobs left before this one's completed.  Will load some photo's when done.


So never say never. And give it a go.

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Re: Power tool cabinets

Just WOW!

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Re: Power tool cabinets

Thanks for joining in the discussion on Workshop @a_glen2001. We are looking forward to reading about your own projects and plans. 


Feel free to post anytime you need assistance or have something to share. And please let me know if you ever need a hand getting the most from the site.






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Re: Power tool cabinets

Amazing !!!!!!! 😊

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