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Sunroom insulation


Sunroom insulation


Thanks for adding me to this exciting forum.

My question is regarding insulating my existing sunroom to convert it to all season room.

The problem is the room becomes very cold in winter and hot in summer. Also due to condensation there be mould formation on roof.

I live in south-west Sydney.


The sunroom is 7m(L)X3m(W) and is made from colourbond metal,with glass windows.

The problem is that the roof is not insulated,neither the side frames. The roof is a single metal sheet without any support.

The floor is same as wooden deck and there are gaps. Also its  a raised room so makes it very cold/hot.


Please provide your feedback if its worth implementing following ideas so I can use this room as study & media room.

  • Roof insulation : Insulate the colorbond roof(please suggest material and if I can  glue it to roof).Build a light weight metal frame, please suggest the material. The frame can be build by joining to the existing frame using rivet/glue(please suggest). Added a photos (existing roof, idea of frame). Also need to cover using lightweight material (please suggest). I am planning to install downlights in it.
  • Floor : Install vinyl boards on top of existing floor. Please suggest if that will work or I need under floor insulation ?
  • Side panels below windows : Glue insualtion to colorbond panel, drill wooden frame and gyprock on top of it.
  • Windows : Install roller blinds (please suggest for better insulation).

My plan is to install an aircon if needed in future.


Please provide a feedback if this is feasbile and worth. I dont want to spend too much on it a I plan to sale the house in 2-3 years.

Thanks in advance.


Attached photos. Please let me know if you need mre info.



Existing uninsulated roofExisting uninsulated roofExisting frame to attach frame meshExisting frame to attach frame meshproposed Frameproposed Frameproposed Frame and coverproposed Frame and coverwindow and framewindow and frame

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Sunroom Insulation

Hi @garyw and a warm welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. 


We trust you'll get loads of helpful information, advice and inspiration from our amazing members for all your projects around the house and garden. Please feel free to post anytime you need assistance or have something new to share. 


Let me tag some helpful members who might like to kick off the discussion and share their thoughts about your insulation project: @JDE, @Brad, @TheSaltyreefer


Please let me know if you ever need a hand getting the most from the site. 




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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Sunroom insulation

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @garyw. I apologise for my delayed reply.


What you have suggested will reduce the severity of the extreme temperatures that you are experiencing in that room. The only concern I have is those lightweight frames and insulation will add a considerable amount of weight to the unsupported roof. It might be worth installing a structural beam across the centre of the roof to bear some of their weight.


Our supplier Knauf does a complete range of pressed steel suspension ceiling products which you can find instore and through our special orders. However, to install through to the roof sheet would require putting hundreds of holes directly through an exterior roof and I certainly wouldn't recommend this.


In your scenario, I believe constructing stud walls and ceiling would be the best decision. You would create stud frames on the interior walls and ceiling, install insulation and the Gyprock over the top.


Vinyl boards on the floor will prevent a certain amount of hot and cold air entering the room. I would advise you to install the vinyl boards in combination with Earthwool R2.5 90 x 420mm 2 92m Floorshield Underfloor Batt 6 pack to really be effective.


Window shutters would be a good idea and you could also consider awnings to prevent the sun from hitting directly on the window panes.


Constructing frames and Gyprocking the room is a considerable investment in time and money, but it might be to your advantage when selling to have an additional temperature-controlled room in the house.


Please let me know if you need further information or have questions.




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