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Backyard makeover

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Backyard makeover


So as some of my fellow workshoppers will know - I built my first home in 2016 and moved in early February this year. 


It's modest block of land with a nice, affordable and maintainable 3 bedroom house on the block. Now being quite a small block the space provided for the backyard was never going to be incredibly ample, in fact it's rather small. 


So at the outset I was provided the below plans which highlighted the size of the backyard and the "landscaping" that would be provided. 



So the plans themselves made the space look somewhat decent - however the reality of this is that the garden is about 12m x 2.5m with a 1m wide concrete path going around the perimeter of the home. 


It doesn't particuarly provide the greatest space for entertaining. And as you can see below the reality of this garden and the "landscaping" provided left a lot to the imagination. 




Even the view from the living room doesn't particuarly scream "Come out and enjoy the outdoors!"




So it came time to start planning a way to rejig this space and transform it into a liveable space that I would enjoy spending time. My other concern was purely budgetary. As I'm currently in this home on a single income any transformation that occurred would purely be done the old fashioned D.I.Y. way. As such a lot of my loftier ideas were quickly nixed and my expectations became a bit more measured. 


I do also have the access to a father who has built many a deck and pegola of his own in his time nad as a result my plans started to lean towards a nice decked area that wouldn't require a lot of maintenance and would transform the space into an entertaining space as an extension of the living room. 





So the plan is to completely deck the backyard area and build up some nice large planter boxes to keep a bit of the green in the backyard and provide some bench seating of their own.

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Re: Backyard Makeover

I would say you are very fortunate in

  • Not having to worry about the total project Co$t
  • Having someone releave you of the stress asociated with organising your project
  • The end result looks great.

OT..The average Battler & Punter isn't that they have to do a lot more planning, searching, analysis, costing and even then they still need more

I recently saw a total landscape quote  for a front and backyard makeover for $140K :shocked: The only initial estimate was based on the property will be worth +$1m..hence they were told to spend 15%=$150K.

I was asked to certify the deck design..needless to say the punters budget was $30K


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Re: Backyard Makeover

This is in response to @mydreams question about costings for decks: I allow about $50/m2 for materials. I'll make a separate post about our backyard reno -


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Re: Backyard Makeover

so... if I wanted to deck out my entire property of +3000m2 it would cost me $150000 in materials alone? Add in labour etc, it would be more than the property + house + garage + everything else combined. No wonder we are going broke.


Just as well I am happy with a cottage garden..

Re: Backyard Makeover

Hello @maknilsin  - Wow wee, what is that wet looking stuff in your yard??  It's not MUD is it?  I can't remember the last time we had enough rain to make MUD, let along Rain!

Looks like your on track and going well with your gardens.  It super tough here to create new garden beds as the ground is like cement.  Have you thought about the watering side of things yet?  I put under mulch water system which has build in drippers which deliver water directly to the roots of the plant.  They are so easily set up on timers, so you can set and forget.  


I've installed them in all of my gardens and in the middle of a horrid drought my plants are surviving, as the water goes directly where it's needed and doesn't evaporate prior to reaching where it's needed the most.  Bunnings sell it  & everything needed to install it. it's a little pricey to set up but once it's done it last for years and year.


Enjoy your weekend


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Re: Backyard Makeover

very nice looking deck. Could you please tell me what did you use for support below the deck ? concrete posts or pavers or anything else?

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Re: Backyard makeover

Welcome to the Workshop community @sharma260985.


It's great to have you join the community! Let me mention @maknilsin to alert them to your question and see if they can answer it for you. If you would like to start your own discussion community members can assist you with your planning and advise what timber to use..




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Re: Backyard makeover

Hey @sharma260985 we used precast concrete - these specifically:


They worked really well but took quite a bit of work to get everything level! 

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