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Stormwater Disposal Code Compliance.

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Stormwater Disposal Code Compliance.

Council stormwater disposal systems in old areas are proving problematic & inadequate.

Sydney flooding: More rain forecast as residents return to Marrickville apartment after evacuation

Points to consider when assessing your own stormwater with reference to Code & Council Requirements:-

  • Soil Types, water table height, impervious areas, i.e. paved, roof, etc.
  • Retention/Detention stormwater systems
  • When renovating or building a new house you may be required to upgrade your entire stormwater system.
  • Stormwater Management Plan (SMP) which includes stormwater Diagram showing locations & tank sizes, invert levels for connection/discharge.
  • Council Engineering Departments now provide on-line apps to check for stormwater capacity compliance, please check with your Council.



If your stormwater system is non-compliant you will require certification that your system is equivalent or better than what is required in the codes otherwise you will need to make it compliant.

Non-compliance now adds considerable burden & costs to infrastructure systems.

Unfortunately, the battlers, punters & homeowners are now required to shoulder some of the costs.

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Re: Stormwater Disposal Code Compliance.

Cool man, thanks. It sort of seems a little random though mate, referring to the actual codes that detail stormwater design (and how much they cost from SAI Global) would help!

Re: Stormwater Disposal Code Compliance.

@CaptainBluff These details and info are clients & the Battlers & Punters
If they require addition information they can always PM me
I have 1000's of details and happy to help...I suggest others that don't provide reliable details lift their game

Re: Stormwater Disposal Code Compliance.

Hi @BIM_Engineer 


Hope you are doing well!


I have a few questions around stromwater drain and pits in my backyard. What is the best way to get in touch with you. 

Thank you


Re: Stormwater Disposal Code Compliance.

Hi Bronel (@bronelchristian


Let me extend my personal welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community.


Unfortunately BIM_Engineer is no longer a member of the community so won't see your message. Other community members including @MitchellMc who has been assisting you on your Planting over stormwater drain topic will be more than happy to assist you. Just let us know anything you need, we're here to help.






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