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How to build a tiered plant stand

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Difficulty: Beginner

Save space by displaying your potted plants using this easy-to-build tiered plant stand.


The simple design makes it a fantastic project to build over a weekend. It requires minimal tools and woodworking experience.


This project is inspired by the popular garden planter stand by Bunnings Workshop member @JI. Many thanks again for sharing your wonderful project with us.


Step 1

Take your treated Pine sleepers and cut four lengths of 600mm and two lengths of 400mm using your circular saw. You will use these for the sides of the stand.


If you don’t have a circular saw you might like to take advantage of the timber cutting service at a Bunnings Warehouse.


1.1 Cut four lengths at 600mm.jpg1.2 Cut two lengths at 400mm.jpg1.3 Side panels cut to size.jpg

Step 2

Position the timber you’ve cut as per the image. Place one 600mm piece on the ground horizontally and the other 600mm and 400mm pieces vertically. Mark four locations per upright on the horizontal piece for the screws to be placed. Clamp your pieces before drilling to ensure they don’t move around.


2.1 Side panels positioned.jpg2.2 Base boards marked for drilling.jpg2.3 Side panels.png

Step 3

Pre-drill the holes where you marked with the 8mm drill-bit and counter-sink those holes. Screw the timber together using the 75mm bugle head screws.


3.1 Predrilling and countersinking base board.jpg3.2 Installing screws through base board into upright.jpg3.3 Side panels screwed together.jpg

Step 4

Start dry fitting the slats, spacing them evenly on the side panels. Ensure a gap is left between the boards for water drainage.


4.1 Positioning slats.jpg4.2 Dry fitting and establishing gap between slats.jpg

Step 5

Once you have the slats in position, pre-drill the ends with a 5mm drill-bit and counter-sink those holes. Now install the 40mm treated Pine screws, fixing the slats to the sides. Add a finishing slat to the top tier to prevent pots from falling off the top.


5.1 Pre-drillin and countersinking slats.jpg5.2 Installing screws through slats into side panels.jpg5.3 Slats screwed into side panels.jpg5.4 Slats in position.png5.5 Screwing top slat into side panels.jpg

Step 6

You can now coat your stand in your choice of exterior stain and varnish to protect it from the elements.


You’ve now completed an extremely functional pot stand that you can use to happily display your favourite plants.


6.1 Coating the stand.png6.2 Finished pot stand.jpg6.3 Completed Stand with Plants.jpg6.4 Complete with Plants.jpg


  • 2 x 200mm x 50mm treated Pine sleepers


    10 x 75mm bugle head screws
  • 100 x 8G x 40mm treated Pine screws
  • 19 x 1.2m Cypress pickets
  • 1L exterior varnish


  • Circular saw (if timber is not pre-cut)
  • Drill driver

  • 5/8mm drill-bit
  • Counter-sink bit
  • Clamp
  • Paintbrush


1.1 Cut four lengths at 600mm.jpg

1.2 Cut two lengths at 400mm.jpg

1.3 Side panels cut to size.jpg

2.1 Side panels positioned.jpg

2.2 Base boards marked for drilling.jpg

2.3 Side panels.png

3.1 Predrilling and countersinking base board.jpg

3.2 Installing screws through base board into upright.jpg

3.3 Side panels screwed together.jpg

4.1 Positioning slats.jpg

4.2 Dry fitting and establishing gap between slats.jpg

5.1 Pre-drillin and countersinking slats.jpg

5.2 Installing screws through slats into side panels.jpg

5.3 Slats screwed into side panels.jpg

5.4 Slats in position.png

5.5 Screwing top slat into side panels.jpg

6.1 Coating the stand.png

6.2 Finished pot stand.jpg

6.3 Completed Stand with Plants.jpg

6.4 Complete with Plants.jpg

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Trusted Contributor

Hello @MitchellMc 


Excellent build Mitch! I'm sure these instructions will prove helpfull to our DIY members and  will give them confidence when they build their own stands!







New Contributor

I’m having a go at building this hopefully it turns out good will post pics thanks guys .

Here it is just need to stain it 


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @shorty85. It's a pleasure to have you join us, and many thanks for jumping into the discussion.


I'm very pleased that you've taken inspiration from @JI's popular garden planter stand. Let me know if you get stuck, as I'm more than happy to assist you in completing this project. We'd also love to see your results, so please take some images of your build and share them with us.


I look forward to seeing what you create.




New Contributor

All done I added some rope as handles and some feet bring more on love it.








Valued Contributor

I love it ! @MitchellMc  Can it be moved around ? Is it heavy ? 😊

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Great work, @shorty85! That has turned out fantastic, and I'm sure you are very proud of your efforts.


What type of plants are you planning on putting on show?


Many thanks for updating us.




Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

I haven't had to move mine yet, but if you wanted to move it around often, I'd suggest attaching some castor wheels to it @mich1972.




New Contributor

hi @MitchellMc  thanks mate I am very proud the boss lady wants more now lol I plan on putting Succulents on it to show of but misses wants to put her little solar light Statues on it 

we will see how wins

Valued Contributor

@MitchellMc Thank You 😊 


@shorty85i can’t wait to see it full of Succulents !!! 🤣😆 

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