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Appreciation Post

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Appreciation Post

A day before I went in for major back surgery I had received a parcel in the mail. A card wishing me all the best from

Jason and the workshop community and attached with some gifts that I will cherish for ever. Leading up to the Surgery my mind was in all directions, will this all go to plan? Has the surgeon made the right decision? Have I made the right decision? I’m 29 I shouldn’t be anywhere near close to back surgery. But this is life and it must go on, it’s the little things in life that can make some one else so much more worthily and being apart of the workshop community I feel just that.


I am 10 weeks Post surgery and I am outside slowly starting on my first project. Thanks everyone for the kind messages. Here is me drugged up with my Bunnings Bear haha @Jason





Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Appreciation Post

It's fantastic to have you as part of the Workshop community @LePallet. We are so pleased that you are on the road to recovery and are very much looking forward to seeing the results of you getting back on the tools.




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