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How to build low level deck over concrete using Ekodeck?

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How to build low level deck over concrete using Ekodeck?

Hello. I am planning to build a deck in my alfresco area using Ecodeck. My space is around 3.1mx6m so I have put together a diagram covering 3090mm x 5096mm. I only have 110mm height from concrete so looking at using 70 x 45mm timber so I can have some space between joist and concrete. Mine is hebel so I have to fix timber to concrete floor.


@MitchellMc / @EricL , can you please help on what I could use to have atleast 10/20 mm space between joist and concrete. I read most of the threads/posts and most of them are using angle bracket. Is there anyway I can escape from drilling holes in concrete? I am thinking of using Minifoot Pedestal Feet. Also, there is no joist hanger for 70x45 so what is my option to connect joist with bearer. I read one of the post and Eric mentioned using construction screws.


So far I have following list of items I need. Appreciate if you can help me with joist hangers, screws etc as this is my first DIY project

  • Buildex 18 - 7 x 150mm Landscaping Construction Screw
  • Builders Edge 25-40mm Minifoot Pedestal Feet
  • 70 x 45mm Outdoor Framing H3 Treated Pine 6.0m
  • Joist tape



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Finding My Feet

Re: How to build low level deck over concrete using Ekodeck?

Hi @JacobZ, need you suggestion on type of screws I need to screw angle bracket on joist. I did check the "Pryda Timber Connector Screw 12G x 35mm Hex Head" as mentioned in other posts but those are good if I use joist hangers.

After comparing the Pryda screws diameter with angle bracket hole diameter, I think those screws are not right for me. I ended up buying Zenith M10 x 40mm Hot Dipped Galvanised Hex Head Coach Screw suggested by staff.


Are those zenith m10x40mm screws are good for this project ? or can you please suggest the correct one?


I also bought following for subframe

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to build low level deck over concrete using Ekodeck?

Hi @newB,


I can't see any issues with the hardware you've selected. 


The coach screws you've been recommended are going to be perfectly fine for attaching your brackets to the frame. Just make sure when you're installing them to predrill pilot holes and not over-tighten them. You want them to be firm, but over-tightening them can cause the screw to strip the timber fibres which will reduce their holding power. I'd suggest grabbing a bit of scrap timber and intentionally over-tightening one of the coach screws so you can get an idea of how far to push them before the connection fails. It's pretty easy to tell when to stop if you've over done it before.


Another thing that you might want to consider is grabbing a 5mm long series drill bit for predrilling pilot holes for the Buildex 18 - 7 x 150mm Climacoat Star Drive Landscape Screws. These are a Type 17 screw, which means they are self-drilling, but at the length you've selected, it would still be a good idea to add a nice deep pilot hole to prevent any splitting.


I can't wait to see some progress, keep us updated as your project commences.


If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.




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