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Top 10 most popular garden makeovers

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Community Manager

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A garden can be a relaxing oasis and a wonderful place to enjoy time with friends and family.


But if your backyard or front garden has been neglected for a while, it can be a little overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. It's often also not easy knowing what to do with narrow side access areas next to the house. 


Fortunately, our clever and creative Bunnings Workshop community can provide plenty of advice and also the inspiration you need to pick up a tool and get cracking on transforming your garden.


Here’s the Top 10 most popular garden projects on Workshop by pageviews:


1. Backyard transformation with deck by @LePallet 


This comprehensive backyard makeover included landscaping, decking, raised garden beds, screening, planting, and new turf. There's also a wonderful play area for the kids, with a cubby, sandpit and chalkboard


2. Sideway makeover by @shayden06 

Side areas can be tricky to work withSide areas can be tricky to work with


Narrow areas down the side of a house can be tricky to work with, but this combination of decking and garden beds came up a treat. It’s a practical solution for easy access as well as creating a space for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.


3. Backyard makeover with new deck and planter boxes by @maknilsin 


With very limited space to work with and a modest budget, a stark and unappealing garden was transformed into an attractive and functional space perfect for outdoor entertaining. The planter boxes clad with timber decking boards have been particularly popular with the community, and double as bench seats for socialising.


4. Front yard garden bed screening by @suequarford 


Wanting an attractive screening option for a sunny front yard on the NSW South Coast, Sue got expert advice about using Port Wine Magnolias as a hedge. The end result looks fantastic, utilising Camelia Sesanquas as well.  


Bluestone rounds used to replace lawnBluestone rounds used to replace lawn

5. Bluestone rounds to replace lawn by @Kate23 


Without consistent sunlight it can be difficult to maintain lawn, so these gorgeous bluestone rounds are a fantastic, eye-catching alternative.


6. Drainage to fix a muddy lawn by @Ben 


Fixing a muddy, unusable backyard mess required the installation of agi pipe in new drainage channels before returfing work.


7. Backyard makeover by @Ben 


While reasonably large, this backyard was dark and unappealing, and grass had little chance to grow. Removing trees, landscaping, planting and laying new turf produced an amazing transformation.


8. Planting a new native hedge with Murraya by @Adam_W 


Resident horticulturalist Adam has been transforming his property on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. This front garden includes a Murraya hedge and a row of Magnolias.


Pete's backyard renovationPete's backyard renovation

9. Garden makeover with new beds and planting by @Nikkaz 


Nicole planted Lilly Pillies in garden beds along the fence line and replaced the patchy lawn with new turf to refresh this backyard.


10. Backyard renovation with decks and boardwalk by @pete_brig 


Pete extended his alfresco with two adjoining decks and a boardwalk and planted lush greenery on either side to create an inviting outdoor space.


More inspiration for your garden


Other great projects recently shared by Bunnings Workshop community members include:



Landscape rebuildLandscape rebuild






Rufaro's backyard and sideway makeoversRufaro's backyard and sideway makeovers




Need help with your garden?


We encourage you to start a new discussion in the Garden board on Workshop. We have lots of experienced gardeners sharing their knowledge, including Bunnings team members and qualified horticulturalists. Let us know how we can help with your garden makeover project.


You should also find our How to section very helpful, including the articles How to plan a garden makeover , How to choose plants for your garden and How to give your garden a makeover.



Article updated: October 2021

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New Contributor

Merry Christmas 🎄 to all.


I am first timer .. keen to learn .. really just started enjoying little projects in our garden.


Very keen to plan a corner garden off our bedroom.. nice views to the City .. can I dump photos and ask for advice ?


My knowledge of plants is what I can read off the label!


Wish me luck !

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @PeterZ,


Welcome to the Workshop community. We're pleased to have you join us.


Feel free to hit the Start a discussion button anytime and ask a question and/or share some photos. We have helpful members sharing information, advice and inspiration on Workshop every day. And please let me know if you ever need a hand getting the most from the site.




Community Manager
Community Manager

The Bunnings Workshop community certainly loves a good garden makeover! This article is one of the most popular on the site so it's been great to update it. Hope you get plenty of ideas and inspiration from the projects listed. 


Congratulations to all those members who have projects featured. We love your work.




Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Congratulations to all those featured in this updated article. These popular projects continue to inspire many garden makeovers by Workshop members. 


We'd love to see an update on how your garden is going since taking on the project you shared.




Junior Contributor

Does Bunnings offer expertise in landscaping?

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hello @Wy


The store has team members who are specialists in their section. At the moment Bunnings doesn't have a landscaping service. But the garden specialist will have knowledge about landscaping and will be able to provide help. Combined with the plumbing specialist they'll be able to advise you about drainage in your garden. 


You can also post your question about garden landscaping here. Just press the "Start a Discussion" button at the top of the page. Our members are more than happy to provide advice and information.


If you have any D.I.Y. questions we can help out with, please let us know.




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