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Top 10 most popular pallet projects

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Recycling pallets is great for the environment and provides an inexpensive source of material for many keen woodworkers. Repurposing pallet wood into furniture can also be an easy D.I.Y. project.


Bunnings Workshop community members have shared many clever and creative pallet projects. 


Here are the top 10 most popular pallet timber projects by pageviews: Table made using four palletsTable made using four pallets


1. Pallet planter boxes with home-made stain by @LePallet 


Made from recycled pallet timber, these planter boxes were joined together and finished with a home-made stain. 


2. Table made using four pallets by @Peggers 


In this quick and easy project, Rob dismantled two pallets and inserted strips of wood into other pallets to make a solid tabletop. Rob has shared step-by-step instructions in this guide: How to build a pallet timber table.


3. Pallet timber raised garden bed by @lcantem 


Lester used three recycled timber pallets to build a raised garden bed after seeking advice from the Workshop community.  


4. Privacy screen planter box using pallet timber by @Yorky88 


This planter box was built with recycled pallet timber and features a screen perfect for growing climbers. Privacy screen planter box using pallet timberPrivacy screen planter box using pallet timber


5. Pallet timber bench seat with storage by @LePallet 


Pallet maestro Rylie's pallet timber bench seat contains handy storage and two planter boxes on the side. 


6. Pallet timber outdoor table with burn effect by @LePallet 


This large outdoor table is made out of recycled pallet timber and plywood. Rylie also used a small gas blowtorch to produce a striking burn effect on the table. 


7. Pallet timber photo frames by @LePallet 


Rylie created these pallet picture frames by transferring photos to wood and shared step-by-step instructions for anyone wanting to build their own. 


8. Pallet timber floating shelf by @Tara86 


Built using recycled pallet timber, Tara's rustic floating shelf is a great way to add storage to the room. Pallet timber photo framesPallet timber photo frames


9. Spotted Gum kitchen island by @dean 

Dean used Spotted Gum recycled pallets to build this kitchen island, intentionally leaving bumps and inconsistencies for a rustic effect. Boiled Linseed oil and Cabinet Makers Wax finished the look. 


10. Pallet timber bar by @Yorky88 


Martin used recycled pallet timber to build a bar that is perfect for entertaining friends and family. 


Step-by-step instructions for your pallet projects


Bunnings Workshop community members have shared several pallet projects containing details of their process. These include: 



More pallet project ideas Pallet timber plant standsPallet timber plant stands


Workshop members have shared many other terrific pallet projects that you can use as inspiration, including outdoor screening using pallet timber by @AndrewLeelow-level decks using recycled pallet timber by @Arcc and pallet timber plant stands by @GreenShoots.


For more creative ideas, check out our Top 10 most popular woodworking projects and these wooden pallet recycling ideas for the garden by @Jamespeter100 


You can also find plenty of handy hints in this popular discussion: How do you find free pallets?



Last updated: November 2023


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