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Top 10 most popular woodworking projects

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The Bunnings Workshop community includes many skilled and experienced woodworkers sharing innovative projects and valuable knowledge.


Some of the most inspiring creations posted on Workshop cost very little – with community members utilising recycled pallet wood, salvaged timber or offcuts from another project.


Whether you are experienced on the tools or consider yourself a beginner, there are projects on Workshop that you can replicate for your home.


Here’s out top 10 most popular woodworking projects on Workshop by pageviews:


1. Cordless drill storage charging station by @Wayne

Rodney's workbenchRodney's workbench 

Passionate craftsman Wayne has shared many fantastic projects with the community, but none have been as popular as this very clever storage solution for cordless drills. Wayne also made a fantastic second version, and we have published a full step-by-step guide to making your own.


2. New workbenches by @Rodney


We admire the research that went into this practical workbench. Rodney had “never built anything serious” previously, but his planning work to create plenty of storage and work space really paid off.


3. D.I.Y. Google AI assistant by @AndrewJones


We love the juxtaposition of cutting edge tech (building your own Google assistant using a Raspberry Pi micro computer) and housing it in a wooden case crafted by hand. Experienced woodworker Andrew even shared a comprehensive how-to video for making your own.  


4. D.I.Y. Workbench by @Baggs 


Almost too good to use as a workbench, this popular project used a pine frame and ply for the benchtop. Let us know if you would like to build something similar and we will be happy to help. 


D.I.Y. Google assistantD.I.Y. Google assistant

5. Bench seat made with handtools by @AndrewJones


Made entirely with hand tools, this wonderful bench seat features traditional tenon joins rather than any glue, nails or screws. It was made using pine and Andrew applied three coats of Danish oil.


6. Folding workbench by @pats6182 


This impressive first project was inspired by a design from Better Homes and Gardens.


7. Bath caddy shelf by @Wayne


Crafted from an old dining tabletop dissected using a table saw, Wayne carved a slot for an iPad, recessed pockets for tealight candles and a wine bottle, and even a cut-out for a wine glass.


8. Bench seat using pine sleepers by @cadsman 


This bench seat took about three hours to build from scratch. Creator cadsman loves the wedges at each end and generously shared detailed plans for replicating the project.


Bench seat made with handtoolsBench seat made with handtools

9. Power tool cabinets by @Arcc 


Bunnings Workshop members have greatly admired the detailed work in these bespoke cabinets. It is so satisfying when everything has its place.  


10. Twin garden seat by @WoodenGregsWood 

Built with treated pine based on a design from, Greg recommends changing the middle table into a cooler with flip-top lid so you wouldn't even have to get up to get a new drink. 



Other popular woodworking projects


We have many other popular woodworking projects shared by Bunnings Workshop community members, including:

Floating planter boxFloating planter box








Wedding wagonWedding wagon





Pallet wood projects


The Bunnings Workshop community also has many clever and creative members sharing amazing projects made from recycled pallet timber. 


If fact, we have so many pallet creations shared on the site that we created a dedicated Top 10 list just for pallet projects. Don’t miss Workshop’s top 10 most popular pallet projects, which includes a pallet bar, bench seats, planter boxes, tables, shelves and lots of other great pallet project ideas for your home.


We also have popular step-by-step How to guides for pallet projects, including How to build a raised garden bed using pallets, How to build a pallet timber table and How to build a pallet cubby



Last updated: October 2020

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Community Manager

Congratulations to all Bunnings Workshop community members who have their projects featured in this popular article. It was great to update it and include plenty of new creations as well as older favourites.


If you need a hand with a woodworking project, please don't hesitate to hit the Start a discussion button and let us know how we can help. Beginners are always welcome and encouraged to start their first project and learn new skills. 






Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop @vaxtang. It's great to have you join us and many thanks for joining the discussion.


We look forward to hearing about your projects around the house and garden, and we'd encourage you to let us know if you need any assistance with them or if you'd like to share. I'm sure you'll find heaps of inspiration within the community as our amazing members contribute their projects here all the time.




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