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DIY, New Homes, Renovations save a 1/3rd of the $Cost

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DIY, New Homes, Renovations save a 1/3rd of the $Cost

Interesting article here    Owner-builders cut costs by a third but it’s not for everyone

More of a negative "put off article in my opinion " rather than advising the Battlers & Punters "How to... and please consider having a go " 

Here are my Tips to save more than a third of the costs

  • Have your projects properly Design, Engineered & Costed..with data and costs all over the internet it's easy to do.
  • With 3D Details, data and costs,  and on site apps,  supervising yourself is easy
  • Take photos, ask for expert advise, run simulations and keep track of your project
  • Break your project down into manageable stages
  • Banks love the fact that you have control of Costs
  • Always ask for data and proofs

Even if you choose to do only part of your project and have others do the remaining parts, be in control "Forearmed is forewarned"...

More to follow



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Community Manager

Re: DIY, New Homes, Renovations save a 1/3rd of the $Cost

Thanks for your tips @BIM_Engineer. I trust members will find them useful.


@ProjectPete also shared some of his tips to minimise costs and ensure a smooth project here -



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