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Dodgy work, ripping people off

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Re: Dodgy work, ripping people off

Oh mate, if you want to see something that will make you as a tradie weep come to Hawera, NZ and look at my mum and dad's house.

It's a block house that was "built" 20 years ago but the builders did such a bad job of it that they booted them off site and the house has been unfinished since.

The walls haven't been smoothed off leaving big chunks of concrete on the walls. Dad wanted the walls smooth because he was going to plaster them, now to be able to do that he's got to basically jack hammer the excess concrete off.

That wouldn't be so bad if it stopped there but alas that's just the beginning. If you look at the bathroom in the main house (the house is split into a big house and a split level flat conjoined) the tiling looks pretty good, not perfect but pretty good. This is because this was done by him and a friend of ours. Go into the bathroom in the flat however and you'll see the work of the tradie. 3mm spacers on the wall but 4mm spacers on the floor so NONE of the tiles form nice lines. The tiles flow water AWAY from the drains and into the cabinets and so now all the bath, cabinets, and walls are either damaged or rotted away.

It doesn't stop there though. Remember the plaster? Well, they plastered the outside and the inside of the flat only they never sealed the blocks beforehand. You can guess what happens now. A big part of that problem is the fact these geniuses got the wrong windows and the water drains INTO the house and to make matters worse the windows went in with the unsealed blocks so they tried to fix the problem by plastering the windows in which covered the drainage holes anyway and so now the water drains into the plaster then into the unsealed blocks and now paint and plaster are popping off the walls left right and centre.

It would be nice if their woes finished there but they have Butenol rooves with those arched tiles on the edges to give a sort of Mediterranean/Mexican look. Dad told them to put a steel cap on the edge of the blocks BEFORE installing the tiles but that never happened and so... well it doesn't take a genius to workout what happens when it rains.

This house technically came in around the time New Zealand had issues with what they called Leaky Homes but unfortunately dad's house ended up on the wrong side of the government imposed cutoff date and so dad got screwed big time. He got no compensation whatsoever.

I'm going to name shame because Ian Burrows Concreting are charlatans who do not have a good name in town but somehow still are in business. These people, after laying down pipes for the hot water underfloor heating system, were about to cut the crack lines into the concrete with the concrete cutter. Dad told them to stop but they told him that the floor will crack if they don't and dad had to tell them again to not use the saw and let them crack because they couldn't get it into their thick skulls that cutting the concrete would cut through the pipes.

I've told dad he needs to sell the GPS co-ordinates to Kim Jon Un so that he can test his missiles. Frankly the whole place would be better demolished then started again rather than wasting time fixing the mess but dad's chipped away at it over 20 years and it's slowly, ever so slowly starting to look half ply decent. Frankly he needs to get an out of town tradie in but he can't afford that kind of money and so the house will probably be unfinished for another 20 years.

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