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Grand Design for Beginners..Owner Builders & DIY

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Grand Design for Beginners..Owner Builders & DIY

Are 18 years of Grand Designs to blame for putting Battlers & Punters off building by using architects with their rendered models while experiencing  projects delays, cost blowouts, divorce, over valued properties, incomplete finished projects and  dirty laundry aired,etc?


I have just read this article (link below) and would like to know peoples thoughts as to what would make the whole process of "Grand Designing" their project more efficient and effective.  Bearing in mind the article is UK based and some details are different to Australia.


Build your own home - grand designs for beginners


Consider things such as... Owner Builders & DIYers staying on budget would they  use Data & 3D Models, AEC BIM, Metadata, pricing databases & proofs to convince Stakeholders & Lenders their projects  are worthy investments.


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