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Lockdown reno woes

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Lockdown reno woes

I'm going to caveat this with a BIG "Im in the ACT, so the <2 weeks hard lockdown we have gone through so far, while bad, is nowhere near the level that I know others in other states have endured, so my heart goes out to you all! But it makes my situation no less 'fun'"


Rewind to Thursday the 12th of August, we're in the middle of renovations (expanding the living area, moving the kitchen, adding a 4th bedroom in the old kitchen's place).  We'd conceded to the fact that our kitchen has just been pulled out and the noew one woudln't be up and functional for ~3 weeks.  We've got plenty of leftovers in the freezer, and lots of friends that we can visit  to mooch off in the coming weeks (boy how we should have seen THAT one coming) until the insulation & gyprock is done and the new kitchen is ready to put in.


... and then the lockdown order came.


Just one more week, ONE MORE WEEK, was all we would have needed to be insulated and gyprock'ed up, and more or less shielded at least from the elements, albeit sans kitchen.  *sigh*


I spent that first weekend tidying up a bit, sorting some vague excuse for a kitchen with trestle tables, a camp stove and a camp sink where our island bench will one day sit, and a worklight to really set off the ambience, hoping against hope (maybe in vain) that the people of the Capital heed advise, and get this lockdown done and dusted so everyone can get back to it in no time at all.


The following week rolled by. It was a bit chilly eating breakfast whilst breathing out fog, so I spent that weekend getting up close and personal with Earthwool in the ceiling space.  About as much fun as it sounds.


So we're now almost two weeks in, my kitchen is ready, sitting in a workshop somewhere, waiting, the thermometer didn't rise above an apparent temperature of about zero all day yesterday, and I've just ordered a delivery of two more bags of ceiling insulation to finish off the corner of the room that currently just oozes cold air in to what could, maybe, one day, be my dining room.


So I guess its more insulation for me this weekend.  Might even tackle the walls.



Picture of (staged) frozen child for pity.  (Look at that luxe kitchen!)



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Lockdown Reno Woes

Hello @Mick0s


I'm sorry to hear that the lockdown has literally frozen your renovations. But it's good to know that you're still in good spirits and your (staged) frozen child is still keen to play along. I often lean more towards the positive side of things. Your family won't remember that you had no kitchen, they will remember how you magically made a meal using the camp cooker. How much more intimate it felt to eat together in an unfinished room. How you asked them to play along for this post.


This lockdown will not last forever. Your room will get finished and your luxe kitchen installed. But everyone will remember "the time the renovation stopped". Take care and stay safe.


We would love to see the kitchen once it's finished. 




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