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  after some ideas on painting my kitchen. Not wanting to spend too much, as are planning on moving later in year

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Hi All, I am new to this forum & this is my first home in a month. I am planning to renovate the kitchen after moved in. Please let me know your ideas ...

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 Hello everyone! I want to upgrade my kitchen door. I want to buy such a trim like the picture, but which one should I buy? I'm not confident in cutt ...

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Hi there, me again, we've just moved into our small 2 bedroom duplex - we aren't keen to do any major renovations as plan to rent it out in a few mont ...

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Hello - I noticed in Bunnings today that Dulux has a renovation range for laminate, tiles and benches.Has anyone used this product? I'm looking for a ...

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Hello Kesh, To my millions of fans this lovely couple came in to the store with 45 minutes remaining. I promised them a possible layout for their bi ...

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i want to know if i need a window in my kitchen above my sink

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We've been trying to decide on the best possible design for a new kitchen to rid ourselves on the criminally green one currently in-situ (c.1936). We ...

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HiI had to replace what I thought was a faulty hinge on the door of internal corner cupboard of my kitchen cabinets, so I removed the hinge. It seems ...

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Hey,So I am trying to fix my corner cupboard and I’ve been to 2 different Bunnings and no one was able to tell me what hinge I need to buy for the doo ...

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