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Not only once. But more than once , our downpipes were damaged by both former and current tenants with their careless use of line trimmers and mowers. ...

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Hi, everyone! We are moving into our house and our tenant have made a mess of our garden. We have both a septic tank lid and storm water drain in our ...

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   Hi,mates! I cleaned the lawn and planted flowers there two months ago .After rain recently , now many grass are growing rapidly. How can I do to ...

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Hi folks, I am working on my front yard project. Following are the images and what I am planning to do. I am laying turf, mulch and installing Water f ...

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For my first post I thought I'd share our current garden project. Our backyard has lots of lovely trees but it gets a lot of shade and we have an ener ...

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        Hello there, I’m new to this community and just need some advice regarding levelling my lawn in the back yard. Most of it is levelled exce ...

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This was my long weekend project - a rambling path from the front gate to the front door. We have a side driveway but it usually has cars parked in it ...

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Wondering if anyone can tell me what could be making this hole in my lawn. It is about 50-60 cm deep. And about 10cm across. There hasn’t been any mo ...

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Here are some before and after shots of our backyard. Like always with owning a first home, we only then realised how long it takes to do things to t ...

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Over the past 15 months I have been transforming our backyard and front yard. Over that course of time I was a pergola installer, carpenter, gyprok ...

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We recently moved into a new home and were fortunate to have the entire block landscaped... except for the rear yard area. At around 25m wide, and 12 ...

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Hi all, I would like to share with you our front yard makeover. I will let the pictures do the talking and include a little bit of commentary as I ...