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    Turning small white tiles into hand painted coasters. What you need: small white wall tiles, paint, paint brush, felt dots, sealant. All you nee ...


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HiI would like to know what the best whippersnipper is for ladies to use. I have a bad shoulder and struggle to pull chokes and cords to get engines s ...

Budding Contributor
7 replies

Hi everyone, newbie here! I'm wanting to install a Cubby House with an adjacent carport on an uneven grassed area & trying to figure out what the best ...

Budding Contributor
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I do mosaics -the reason we can’t use mosaics on wood outside is because apparently wood expands and contracts popping off the tiles. I can make shape ...

New Contributor
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Hello, I have recently purchased 2 Grid Connect motion sensor/cameras (out and 1 outdoor siren from Bunnings. The sensor/cameras seem to work fine but ...

Junior Contributor
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The plug in our bathroom sink is the press button type. The cylinder that is screwed into the top plug came apart due to age, so I have bought a new ...

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Hi there, looking to purchase the below curtain rod but unsure what I’ll need to install it? In terms of tools and fixtures? It states that the set ...

Budding Contributor
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1960s bus Reno. I've done pretty good job so far but having trouble with re roofing interior. Glue not working, every time it's hot it all falls dow ...

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I was wondering what type of wet and dry vac is ok for use with both a DeWalt table saw DWE7485-XE and a Makita plunge router that won't get much use. ...

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Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

It is safer not to put any weeds in your compost. But you can if you are careful and avoid putting in weeds that have gone to seed, or spread by runn ...

Bunnings Team Member MitchellMc
Bunnings Team Member

To fix a hole in your water tank, try T-Rex 48mm x 1.5m Strong Waterproofing Tape as it is a butyl adhesive tape that sticks to wet surfaces and work ...

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