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Just Starting Out
2 replies

Starting to do your own kitchen can be daunting and confusing for first time, the thing to remember is to take it step by step not as a whole project, ...

Becoming a Leader
7 replies

I made this wooden clock from plans I downloaded from the internet. All the pieces are cut on my Co2 laser cutter, from 3ply from BunningsThe body I h ...


Community Newcomer
3 replies

Hello,my orange citrus new growth is dying off and there is leaf damage and curl. About 6 months ago I got a huge die off of the leaves but it recover ...

Finding My Feet
19 replies

Hi All, Just wanted to know what I can use to attach a shade sail from the roof side (I was planning to use a fixing of some type to fix under the ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hi I've purchased a Kaboodle kitchen and getting ready for the first step of removing the old kitchen. I understand I need to get a plumber in for the ...

Finding My Feet
9 replies

  Hi guys I am having a problem with peeling paint. I sanded the door with 120grit sand paper, applied 1 coat off dulux 1 step prep and 2 coats of ...

Just Starting Out

Hey, how can i replace the downpipe adaptors?thanks a lot   

Becoming a Leader
15 replies

Hi everyone, For some time now, we have wanted to install some home video surveillance around our home. I wanted to share my experience with the co ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

Hi! I've read through the discussions on how to repair cornices but figured I should check because I didn't feel they quite matched what I am dealing ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

Any advice as to what I can do to fill this gap on our renovation?  

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Bunnings Team Member EricL
Bunnings Team Member

To restore shine to a dull kitchen sink, I recommend Autosol 75ml Chrome And Metal Polish or 3M 200g Stainless Steel Cleaner And Polish. I have use ...

Bunnings Team Member EricL
Bunnings Team Member

To fix scratches on timber chairs, first try using Waxstixs that match the colour of your furniture. To apply the Waxstixs, rub directly into the ...

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  • Meet Rufaro, the former architect now on the tools

    Former architect Rufaro was familiar with buildings and construction but had never been on the tools until becoming a homeowner. Now he is regularly impressing with his D.I.Y. projects. "I love how you can imagine something and bring it to life," says Rufaro.

  • Meet Lauren and Sarah, renovating their home together

    Lauren and Sarah purchased their Adelaide property two years ago and are renovating it themselves as a team. Sarah is the designer and Lauren the labourer. "There's nothing more satisfying than being able to proudly say 'I did that'," says Lauren.

  • Meet Joe, who is always in the workshop

    "I'm in the workshop more than my house," says Joe. With a passion for D.I.Y. that started when he was a youngster, Joe loves the satisfaction of making something yourself. "I learned from my mistakes and asked questions."