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How to add ventilation to bathroom?

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How to add ventilation to bathroom?

Hi gang, we need some more ventilation in our bathroom. All we have is this weird floating ceiling. Sparky told us a traditional heat light/exhaust fan unit wouldn’t work as we have a skillion roof with not enough clearance for a unit.

Any ideas on ventilation we could do? Towels aren’t drying and mould builds up in winter and we’re not keen on having the windows open all the time when it’s cold.
Was thinking a whirlybird but have heard those can have serious leakage issues on skillion roofs?




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Re: help with ventilation

Hi Rybones,


To improve the ventilation in your bathroom given the constraints, here are a few options:


1. Inline Exhaust Fan: This can be installed in the ceiling space if there's enough room. An inline fan system has the fan motor mounted remotely from the ceiling vent, which can help with the clearance issue. These systems are quieter and more efficient.

2. Wall-Mounted Exhaust Fan: If ceiling installation is problematic, a wall-mounted exhaust fan can be a good alternative. Ensure it vents directly to the outside to avoid moisture buildup within the walls.

3. Dehumidifier: Using a dehumidifier can help reduce moisture in the bathroom, especially during colder months when windows can't be left open.

4. Passive Vents: Install passive vents in the walls or doors to help airflow. These don't require power and can assist in circulating air through natural convection.

5. Whirlybird Installation: If you're considering a whirlybird, ensure it is installed correctly with proper sealing to prevent leakage. Some models are designed to be leak-resistant even on skillion roofs.

6. Humidity Sensor Fan: Install a fan with a humidity sensor that automatically turns on when moisture levels rise, ensuring adequate ventilation without manual operation.


Legal and Safety Considerations:
- Ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations.
- Hire a licensed electrician for electrical installations to meet safety standards.
- Check if a permit is required for the installation.
- Use certified products that meet safety and performance standards.
- Verify that the ventilation system is sufficient for the size of your bathroom and local humidity levels.


By following these guidelines and considering professional installation, you can improve your bathroom ventilation effectively and legally.



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Re: help with ventilation

Evening @rybones 

Thats an interesting ceiling I must say. Adding to it a skillion styled roof and mmmmmm

What is the slope on your roof? I am wondering if you vent the high side of the roof wether it will draw that humidty out of your bathroom? I am presuming that the gap around the cornice allows air to breath?


The only other thing I can think of would be a change of one window to being a vented window. Either with a powered exhaust fan or slatted. I have seen some nice stylish slkatted windows that would work nicely tho mid winter that could be cold :surprised: 



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: help with ventilation

Hello @rybones 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's sensational to have you join us, and thanks of sharing your question about your bathroom ventilation.


It's great that you've received excellent advice from @PlumbMaster-Zee and @Dave-1. Just to add to the suggestions made, I recommend having a look at the Blauberg 150mm White WIND Window Exhaust Fan which can be window mounted.  It is suitable for bathrooms, ensuites, toilets, laundries and kitchens in domestic premises, apartments, offices and commercial premises.


There is also the DETA 250mm Side Duct Exhaust Fan. It is a side ducted fan with a low profile and if by chance your roof cavity has enough space it might work for you. Another option is to build a covered channel for the ducting to run in. If built creatively it could blend in with your ceiling.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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