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How to fix laundry tap leaking?

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How to fix laundry tap leaking?

Hi guys, I bought a new washing machine which only using the cold water tap. When I remove the old washing machine pipe, the hot water tap is leaking after it is close tightly. Any easy way is can resolve this? Maybe a blanking nut cap or some alternate? Cause I can't fine the nut cap from bunning, thanks so much




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Re: laundry tap leaking

Hi @Jim5,


Thank you for your question and welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community, it is fantastic to have you with us.


Can you advise the diameter of the thread on the tap?


There are options to cap off the tap such as this Philmac 1" BSP Thread Pipe Cap, Brasshards 15mm Galvanised End Cap or Brasshards 25mm Galvanised End Cap. They can be used in conjunction with Kinetic 12mm x 10m White Standard Thread Seal to create a good seal to prevent any dripping.


Let me know if you have any further questions that I can assist with.




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Re: laundry tap leaking

Hi Jim5,


It sounds like you're having trouble with a leaking hot water tap after removing the old washing machine pipe. Here’s a straightforward way to resolve this:

1. Use a Blanking Nut Cap:
- A blanking nut cap can effectively seal the hot water tap that you are not using. These caps are designed to fit onto the end of the pipe and prevent any leaks.

2. Installing the Blanking Nut Cap:
- Turn Off the Water Supply: Ensure the water supply to the tap is turned off before you start working on it.
- Fit the Cap: Attach the blanking nut cap to the hot water tap. Ensure it is screwed on tightly to prevent any water from escaping.
- Use PTFE Tape: Wrap some PTFE (Teflon) tape around the threads of the tap before screwing on the cap. This helps create a better seal and prevents leaks.
- Check for Leaks: Turn the water supply back on and check if the tap is still leaking. If it is, try tightening the cap a bit more or reapplying the PTFE tape.

3. Alternative Solutions:
- Rubber Washers: Ensure the rubber washers inside the cap are in good condition. A worn-out washer can also cause leaks.
- Pipe End Cap: If you can't find a blanking nut cap, a pipe end cap can serve the same purpose. Just ensure it fits the size of your tap. The norm is a 20mm (3/4 for those still using imperial system) for washing machines and dishwashers 



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