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Tiling Plan,Data & Comparing Quotes

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Tiling Plan,Data & Comparing Quotes

Continuing on in the series  Getting Quotes & Current Trade Rates 2017

Floor & wall Tiling Labour fixing price/cost comparisons.

Here are my tips for getting quotes for a new project build for a Bathroom,Ensuite, Pwd, Laundry,Kitchen-wall & floors tiling (read in conjuction with drawings)Provide


a.Wall & Floor tiles type diagrams

  • Drawings are detailed in 3D Software...tradies only want simplified easy to read Plans & Elevations

b. Room floor plan with projected tiling & dimensions

c. Tiling Type, feature, laying patterns,etc,etc,

  • Simplified & illustrated easy to follow

d. Tile legend,size & quantities

  • Tiles quantities are auto-calculated in exact tiles sizes

e.Tiling General notes,standards,instructions to trades, etc

f. Calculated tile labour estimate using 2 or more alternate methods ie.  $/m2 & Hourly rates

  •  I use 2 different approximating methods to estimate the labour cost both should converge to the same answer..if not check for errors in the calcs/app

g. Get 3 tilers to visit the job & quote on the drawings

h. Compare  trade quotes against your calculated estimate for cost, time,rates, etc

i.  Select a Winner



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Re: Tiling Plan,Data & Comparing Quotes

One thing I know people find hard is working how how many tiles to buy to cover a certain area. 


Do you have any easy to use calculators for that @BIM_Engineer?


It can be disastrous if you under-order tiles as its always important to use tiles from the same batch due to inconsistencies in colour and finish between different batches. And of course over-ordering can be expensive and wasteful.

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Re: Tiling Plan,Data & Comparing Quotes

@RenoQueenAll my newer calculators are easy to use & interface with 3D BIM Models

as most clients like visualizing solutions
Solutions can be tailored using proprietary Spreadsheets (LCD) through to Matlab(advanced PDE's), you can send me an email or post/join on my G+ community where there are other experts that share the same passion in problem solving.
BTW if there is money to be made most people will jump on to your case & you are more likely to find them there.From experience be prepared for some amazing/mindblowing Solutions.

You might enjoy this doco

The Secret Rules of Modern Living Algorithms

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Re: Tiling Plan,Data & Comparing Quotes

I was asked "how much does building/construction apps cost?"

My reply was "$5? $1000's?  much Less than the misinformation & bulldust that gets spread around building people that don't know what they are doing-in this example, Delivery shortage-> leaving crack control steel out of the concrete slab -> Cracked marble tiles"

The reinforcement steel fixers don't get paid to think of the consequences of mistakes to following trades
Let me elaborate further in saying "there is no substitute for education, Compliance, experience & proper training."
but mobile apps let you do quick calculations/approximations for Data, Quants,Details,Costs,Species, material placement, Project Planning,etc and in the tiling example On Site VISUAL CHECKS.... they can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime and on mobile browsers.

A quick trip to the hardware store for missing  Reinforcement Re-entrant Bars  the problem was solved

For homebuilders/renovators/DIYers data & 3D models are generated to your specific project requirements this helps you understand the complexities,costs & processes, options, etc before mistakes become irreversible or costly to repair (Eg Tile cracking replacement/repairs when your out of warranty)
I encourage homeowners/renovators/builders/DIYers to use them.
They are used on all my projects.
How, why & when ?...more examples to follow.


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