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How to stop mulch from blowing away?

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How to stop mulch from blowing away?

It's been really windy lately and our mulch keeps getting blown away. 


Googling for suggestions I noticed MulchGard but it doesn't appear to be available in Oz. 


Any other suggestions?


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Re: How to stop mulch from blowing away

@MartyH, we lose mulch down the street on windy days, so what I've done is lay a thick bed of home mulched/shredded prunings from our garden as a base, then cover it lightly with bought playground/softfall wood chips for cosmetics.

Soft Fall Wood Chips

Other areas of our garden aren't wind affected, so we've generously applied the softfall wood chips there.

When the streetfront area of bought chips thin out, I scavage some from the plentiful areas.

Some less accessible areas of our landscape don't have plantings, so we've laid Gumtree sourced river pebbles there, & it's been highly effective in controlling weeds. That could be an option for you too, you could spread them over your existing wind prone mulch.

A completely different approach, would you be able to drape Anti-Bird netting over the mulch?

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Re: How to stop mulch from blowing away


Not sure if it is at a price for a home garden.


Anyway found some  more choices.


Geospray is what most mines use, it does look a bit green though.

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Re: How to stop mulch from blowing away

Watering ahead of a windy day can help. As can growing ground cover. There's been another discussion about ground cover options in recent days. 

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Re: How to stop mulch from blowing away

Yes, I suggest planting ground cover, as per this discussion -

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Where to find mulch glue?

I have seen ads for mulch glue on Facebook. It is a glue that is sprayed on to your garden rocks to keep them in place. The glue is a USA product I was wondering where I can buy something like this product in Australia 


Re: mulch glue

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @charmaine16. It's brilliant to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about mulch glue.


I haven't seen that product before and am unaware of anything in our range that would suit your purposes.


It appears that there are plenty of home-made solutions, and they typically utilise watered-down PVA glue. It could be worth doing a little experiment in an inconspicuous area.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Re: mulch glue

Hello Charmaine

I found GardenLock by RLA Polymers. It is good for locking stones in place and I think it can be used for Mulch as well. Check their website and PDS.


Unfortunately Bunnings doesn't stock this item however the other hardware store does. Would be great if Bunnings would consider stocking this in the future.


I used it to lock in Rainbow stone (From Bunnings)  to make an edge between my driveway and the fence.  Easy to use just place the rock in a wheelbarrow, wearing rubber gloves pour Gardenlock over the stone and mix with hands. Once all the stone is covered shovel into place and use a float to smooth off.


Re: mulch glue

Thank you so much for your advice 

Re: mulch glue

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my query. 

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