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How to choose the right screw for the job?

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How to choose the right screw for the job?

I am bewildered by which screw to buy for what job. I can look up specifics each time online and buy those but I notice often people are very pro Anka screws for example where other comments will pityingly tell the poor ill-informed person that this is nonsense and Dynabolts are vastly superior.


  Is it a case of having found things that work in similar situations - best for outside, best for masonry, best for timber and so on - that you keep stocks of these in the shed and tend to buy these tried-and-true ye beaut screws or do you buy new ones for each new project because the advice I see that is constant and unanimous is not to use the fixings that come with the product? 

I just watched the YouTube vid for Bistro Blinds and the Bunnings hipster dude said he was using batten batton? screws to attach his blind to the beam. I’ve never even heard of these. Are these his faves for this sort of job, or just used in this one instance ?      

Is it only me that stands in the fixings aisle muttering, “

Why? Why so many options? How does everyone else know which to get? “



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to choose the right screw for the job?

Hi @Koatrexy,


Regarding screw selection, I'd encourage you to check out this article: How to choose the right screw for the job. It's a handy reference that will enlighten you about the features and benefits of the different screw types.


There's a bit of favouritism that goes into what people choose to use, and in many cases, despite the title above, there's often more than one screw type that will do the job. That's why you have varying opinions from person to person. In your example, a Dynabolt and Ankascrew both do the same job. However, they also have specific use cases where you'd choose one over the other. If you were anchoring within 100mm of the edge of a slab, you'd go for the Ankascrew, as a Dynabolt, which pushes outwards whilst locking in place, would have a tendency to crack a chunk off the slab.


Typically I'll keep stock of some general-use screws, like a 50mm timber screw, but then pick up a small pack for any specialised situations. You couldn't cover all your bases, as you'd end up with the whole Bunnings fixings aisle in your shed. You'll find all fixings provided with our products are fit for purpose. However, if your application for the product is slightly off what the manufacturer recommends for their installation, there might well be a better fixing solution. Here's an example for you: When hanging curtain rails, the supplier will provide timber screws to attach the rails to your timber studs behind the plasterboard. However, often a stud won't be in the correct location, so the user will install the timber screw into the plasterboard. That might be fine for the first year, but as soon as someone yanks on the curtain, those timber screws will pull straight out. In this instance, if you only have plasterboard to attach to, you'd be much better off switching to a plaster fixing, such as a spring toggle, which spreads the load.


The Bunnings hipster dude (😂) is using a bugle batten screw. They are a thick gauge screw capable of supporting significant weight and are basically just a huge standard timber screw. They've likely been used in this case due to their holding power and length. But, it could just be his favourite screw, I'm a bit of a fan of them too. An alternative would be to use a coach screw, which will essentially do the same job.


Don't be too overwhelmed, as you don't really need to know about every screw; just find one that suits your application. When I first started working in a Bunnings store 23 years ago, I, too, felt the same overwhelming sensation when trying to assist someone in finding the right screw for the job. With time you'll come to find your own favourites and know what will suit your projects. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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