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Show off your pet

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Community Manager

Show off your pet

It's my dog Humphrey's birthday today, so it seems as good an excuse as any to encourage Workshop  members to show off your pets.


Here's Humphrey, and I look forward to seeing your pets...






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Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Show off your pet

This is Winston, our French Bulldog. He's got a great character, plenty of energy, loves adventures and raw kangaroo meat.


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Making a Splash

Re: Show off your pet

This is Gus - a Pug X Cavalier.


He loves the beach, doggy day care, playing ball, chicken and being the centre of attention! 



Making a Splash

Re: Show off your pet

This is Pepper, when she was a puppy.  She's a Weimaraner - full of energy, terrific with kids, but very excitable.  Will do just about anything for a Shmacko. 



Making a Splash

Re: Show off your pet

These are my two doggies Audrey (right) and Stella (left). They aren't really mine, but seem to spend quite a lot of time on my bed... 



Re: Show off your pet

This is Buddy - technically he is my sister's dog, but I like to claim him as my own. He's also horrible to have around the house during any D.I.Y. work as he is a bit too inquisitive for his own good. He's also a fan of eating skirting, so he's been a bit of a menace throughout my sister's renovation.



Re: Show off your pet

I love Gus!

Re: Show off your pet

Buddy is adorable! #maknilsin


Having an Impact

Re: Show off your pet

I can't find any quality photos of my budgie 'Smuggler', but here is one taken by my friend after a wine tour, which she posted on Facebook.




Smuggler is friendly, but annoying and spends alot of time licking the bells in his cage, which makes an incessant ringing noise. We moved him out during the renovation as he would get excited by the sounds of the tools and chirrup and ring his bells all day long.


We bought him back afterwards and moved him out when our newborn son arrived - he has not been back since!


The people looking after him, have threatened that he will be coming back to my house in the new year!




Re: Show off your pet

We have 2 dogs, a cat and a guinea pig.  I'm not showing off the pig as it's not a real pet anyways.


But guess who's the only one who feeds/cleans him?  *sigh*






Sadly I think we're going to have to make a decision about our golden lab (last photo).  She's getting old, she's mostly deaf and blind in one eye and her back hips play up.  She's still happy according to the vet, but I think soon the pain will get too much.  :unhappy:

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