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Floor for the LOFT

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Floor for the LOFT


 Following on in The Loft series is the floor .

The Structural Floor will need to be designed and certified by an Engineer

Points to consider when determining the type of flooring system

  • Roof Access by means of ladders and scaffolding
  • Material handling within the roof space
  • Safe working Platforms within the roof space
  • Condtion of the ceiling beneath the loft
  • Limiting the amount of work to be done  within the roofspace to erection only where possible
  • etc,etc

 Loft Floor.jpg


Because of the above factors The floor has been designed to sit on walls above the ceiling with sufficent clearance to the ceiling joists & beam members

The floor can also be prefabricated on the gound and re-assembled in the roof 

For support beams spanning short distances I've use Timber LVL Beams

For Beams spanning larger distances I've used bolted Prefab Steel Truss Beams

These beams will not be seen from within the loft once the walls to the loft are installed


 The exploded view (down to up) is in sequence to the way it will be installed

Hope you find it useful


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