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Robot furniture creating more space in small apartments

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Robot furniture creating more space in small apartments

This is fantastic.



I have purchased an apartment off the plan and the layout is all set but I would have loved to do something similiar to maximise space. Bedrooms are obviously really important for sleep but it makes so much sense to reclaim that space as living area or an office during the daytime. 

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Re: Robot furniture creating more space in small apartments

As housing prices continue to rise it's inevitable that hideaway solutions like this and wall beds etc will become increasingly popular to maximise precious living space. 

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Re: Robot furniture creating more space in small apartments

To save a thousand words, this vid pretty much sums up my thoughts on the economics of clever design & lifestyle:


I'm not saying that apartment living's the way to go, far from it, but with land prices that're through the roof (& never coming down), building a clever/smaller home that's space efficient, on a small allotment, & that's cheaper to run makes a lot of sense (to me, anyway).


The funny side of that vid, was that they had to explain (2012) what a convection oven was. My guess is that it was actually a convection/microwave oven, due to it having a turntable, but they didn't want to freak out their trendy friends any more than they had to. ; )


Hello, this is Australia, Tania has an inverter, flat bed (no turntable) convection/microwave/steam oven (bought in 2015 for $700ish delivered), that's smaller than our previous convection microwave oven, that we've kept. The plan is to oust our original oven/griller, & replace it with them in the same wall oven cavity.



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