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Bathroom renovation with Redgum vanity

Finding My Feet

Bathroom renovation with Redgum vanity

This was a bathroom reno project I did on our house. The bathroom was already functional but very tired and dated. I enjoyed bringing it back to life and adding few extras along the way!


Johnson tiles

Reclaimed Timber slab

Various Bunnings tapware 

Various Bunnings electrical outlets and fittings

Waterproofing membrane 

Tile glue and grout


ozito angle grinder.jpgRyobe JigsawRyobe JigsawRyobe DrillRyobe DrillRyobe SanderRyobe SanderScreenshot 2024-07-07 091017.png


Step 1

The old bathroom was in need of a facelift. I needed to the fill the old window which at one time faced the outside. After an extension, It had no purpose. 


I also decided to remove the hallway cupboard to make room for a bathtub.


_before 1.jpg

_before 2.jpg

Step 2

After stripping back the entire room, I cut the new tiles to size and laid them down dry to ensure a good fit. The drain was replumed to make way for a square floor drain.



Step 3

I wanted to add a natural element, so I found a bloke who had this 50 year old Redgum slab in the back of his work shed. That, with this cool stone basin, I was able to make a one of a kind live-edge vanity unit.


_bathroom 1.jpg


I even had enough leftover to make a matching stool for the young fella and a bathtub table.



Step 4

I then brought in the new bathtub which had to have the drain hole moved. luckily we had good access under the house. The wall nook was another addition we had to forecast back in the tiling stage.


_bathroom 3.jpg


The room is now fresher much bigger.

Step 5

Final step, Bubble bath!


_bathroom 2.jpg


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: DIY Bathroom Strip and Assemble

Hello @Codey 


Thank you very much for sharing the details of your bathroom makeover. The new flooring tiles really give the room a fresh new look. But that red gum slab with the raw edge is just gorgeous! It provides a beautiful contrast to the white tiles in the room and that sink is truly unique.


Many thanks for sharing.




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Finding My Feet

Re: DIY Bathroom Strip and Assemble

You're welcome, Eric! I'm so glad you enjoyed the details of the bathroom makeover. The red gum slab is one of my favorite features too—it really adds a unique touch to the space.

Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to appreciate the design elements!



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