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Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
38 replies

March is the time to plan for spring flowers and vegetables. Give your flowers and vegies the head start they need to have blooming colours and a boun ...

Getting Established
5 replies

I needed a convenient, strong, and dry storage solution for my garden tools and after stumbling across StorEase I knew its heavy-duty, rust-proof, hig ...


Finding My Feet
7 replies

I have been having problems anchoring the baby gate to the gyprock wall we have. Unfortunately at the height of the gate anchors, there's no studs I c ...

Community Newcomer
1 reply

When the concrete was laid, 12 years ago, the surface was overworked, bringing too much water to top, creating a powdery surface. It was then sprayed ...

Amassing an Audience
7 replies

Project was to build and install a pergola by attaching it to the existing fence uprights and the fascia (through to the roof rafters) of the house. B ...

Community Newcomer

Hello! I am confused about how to put new line into my line trimmer. I have watched youtube videos and am getting mixed info on whether I have to pull ...

Cultivating a Following
2 replies

Hi, we are looking into repainting the interior of our 2 bedroom unit.the interior doors for 2 rooms have been removed for a renovation that has been ...

Community Newcomer

Seeking ideas to upcycle this glass display cabinet. Couple of the glass shelf holders are missing, what can I replace them with?(sample pic attached) ...

Community Newcomer

HiMy name is Kushal, I want to to have some workshop training on landscaping and decking to do a makover for my home garden front and back. What is th ...

Community Newcomer

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Bunnings Team Member MitchellMc
Bunnings Team Member

To paint a metal door frame, start by taking some 240-grit sandpaper. Rub the chipped areas back and blend in their edges with the surrounding paint ...

Bunnings Team Member EricL
Bunnings Team Member

If your lawn is compacted, I suggest using a lawn aerator. Options include spiked rollers, pronged aerators and even sandals with spikes. If you a ...

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  • Meet Ben, barbecue connoisseur

    Barbecue has long been a national pastime, but Ben is part of a growing tribe cooking huge slabs of meat "low and slow". Ben is also passionate about sharing his experience. "I love to share what I know and learn from others."

  • Meet Meg, who runs D.I.Y. classes for women

    From teaching ballet to working on a mine, Meg is game for anything. Meg now teaches woodworking and power tool skills. "The mission is to empower women by providing them with the opportunity to gain skills and confidence."

  • Meet Jess, a Mum that loves to get creative

    Jess has loved being creative since she was young. “As I’ve grown, built a house and started a family, I’ve developed more of a passion for it. I’ve learnt more skills and now use them in bigger projects around our home.”