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Super Contributor
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My partner wanted somewhere to store his wine bottles and some Knick knacks in his man cave. I wanted to create something unique but also something th ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
4 replies

It's finally summer, which means longer days and warmer nights. This month is the perfect time to take advantage of all your garden has to offer ...

Established Contributor
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Hi All, Just wanted to share my favourite Fruit/Vegetables to grow in Tomatoes. I have planted a variety of Tomatoes this year, mainly purchased from ...


New Contributor
1 reply

Hi, Can I have suggestions on what is the best paint to use on a rendered concrete wall. Thanks in advance cheers AM


Hi after getting some disappointing quotes I've decided to give this a go. Firstly is my main water fills a 9 literally bucket in 22 seconds ,is that ...


I bought a kaboodle microwave box but I want to secure it up on the wall above my bench tops as a stand alone unit, what kind of brackets should I use ...

Budding Browser
1 reply

Hi I am new in this game. I have a lots of little budget makeover projects but I never use electric tools in my life. How can I sign up for tools work ...

New Contributor
2 replies

Can someone suggest what is the best coating to use on concrete, surrounding an indoor pool. The cement when wet becomes very slippery and I want to s ...

Budding Contributor
4 replies

Hi allI'm doing a cosmetic makeover of my ensuite and going to replace the vanity top that has a built in sink to a merbau laminated panel with a basi ...

1 reply

I had a Guinea Pig cage made to a specific size. However, I am having trouble finding an insert cut out for the cage that will basically be reusable. ...

New Contributor
5 replies

Hi there, anyone has any experience removing slate sealant off an old slate floor? Any input? Ive been using a solvent from bunnings(various actually) ...

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  • Meet Ben, barbecue connoisseur

    Barbecue has long been a national pastime, but Ben is part of a growing tribe cooking huge slabs of meat "low and slow". Ben is also passionate about sharing his experience. “I love to share what I know and learn from others."

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    From teaching ballet to working on a mine, Meg is game for anything. Meg now teaches woodworking and power tool skills. “The mission is to empower women by providing them with the opportunity to gain skills and confidence.”

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    Daryl has always loved working with his hands. “I really love being able to make or fix something and say: ‘I built that’. Because I work with a lot of different trades, I tend to ask a lot of questions and my knowledge has increased exponentially."