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Making a Splash
4 replies

This Wall Mounted Fold Down Workbench is a Game Changer for Tiny Homes and Small Workshops! Static workbenches and Dining Tables suck up a lot of valu ...


Getting Established
22 replies

Hi, We have a soft-close drawer in our kitchen bench that all of a sudden decided it was no longer going to close all the way. You can push it all the ...

Community Newcomer
2 replies

Moved into new rental. Want to attach aerator to kitchen sink tap but it has no threads inside or out. Not sure if it's been worn away over time but t ...

Community Newcomer
1 reply

I need steel cable wire and steel posts with wooden top for deck size 3.66m (1 side) and 3.200m (2 sides) please. Advise cost for this. Thanks Brotty ...

Community Newcomer

   Hi All! I noticed my toilet continues to run water into the bowl after it has flushed. I’m unsure of the brand but after googling the “stylus” on t ...

Growing in Experience
12 replies

I’ve just pulled a cupboard out of this space. It’s double brick, wondering if I can fill these holes in myself, or do I need a professional? If it’s ...

Community Newcomer
2 replies

I’m seeking advice on the best product to stain my retaining walls black. I prefer a very dark shade, as my aim is to minimize visual clutter, highlig ...

Community Newcomer

Hello, We laid Sir Walter turf on Sunday, that was delivered Friday last week. We intended on laying it Saturday however we had heavy rain in VIC. We ...

Community Newcomer

  Hello, We laid Sir Walter turf on Sunday, that was delivered Friday last week. We intended on laying it Saturday however we had heavy rain in VIC. W ...

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Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Compost is a gardener’s best friend. It adds organic matter (humus) and nutrients back into soils, improves soil texture, increases moisture holding ...

Bunnings Team Member MitchellMc
Bunnings Team Member
2 replies

When selecting roof attachments for your festive lights, ensure they are specifically designed to secure tightly without causing damage. Gutter cli ...

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  • Meet Mariana, who loves sharing styling advice

    Mariana believes the key to styling your home is prioritising whatever makes you happy. “Be true to yourself. It's fine to follow trends but also remember to do what you love.” Mariana is studying interior design and enjoys helping others create beautiful and useful spaces.

  • Meet Marty, who recycles pallets into treasure

    Marty started making planter boxes out of pallet wood a few years ago. Now he makes everything from dining tables to entertainment units and cubby houses. "I love being able to put my own creative flair on the products I build."

  • Meet Belinda, a renovation consultant

    Belinda has assisted many people with their home renovation projects, and regularly provides practical tips to Workshop members. “By sharing my experience, I hope to help someone more inexperienced avoid making the same mistakes that I made.”