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Moderator JaneK
3 replies

I'm wondering whether any community members have planted fragrant gardens? I'd love to know what you've planted and why. I always appreciate scented ...

Trusted Contributor
4 replies

With the impending arrival of mini-ProjectPete I've been busy prepping the new nursery in a range of ways and this customer floating shelf I made up f ...


Junior Contributor
6 replies

Hey All, I thought I'd share some of the projects we have been working on at our new house. Here's some images of our new pergola, we think it's pre ...

New Contributor
6 replies

How much can i cut on a single charge?

Budding Contributor
29 replies

Recently, I turned my boring ugly backyard into an amazing sitting area using the brand new Ekodeck decking. Here are a few photos of the different st ...

New Contributor
6 replies

I have to install a vanity in a corner that is not quiet square (about 92 degrees). I also would like to install a corner shaving cabinet that I don't ...

Budding Contributor
17 replies

Hi everyone, I want to build a deck of around 14m x 1.3m on one of the sides of my house.I checked many forums, websites and post here and there. I le ...

Junior Contributor
2 replies

Hi knowledgeable people!My bathroom floor is being tiled and the builder pulled out a toilet and then it started leaking and is too high, (placed Cera ...

Experienced Contributor
7 replies

Hey All.What are your thoughts on painting an old brick veneer house (late 70/s early 80's I think)? I'm thinking of painting it with a light greyish ...

Junior Contributor
6 replies

Hi team Looking to build some bench seats for a fire pit area and like the look of loose rocks under the seat. Similar to the pic below but with a b ...

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  • Meet Ben, barbecue connoisseur

    Barbecue has long been a national pastime, but Ben is part of a growing tribe cooking huge slabs of meat "low and slow". Ben is also passionate about sharing his experience. ìI love to share what I know and learn from others."

  • Meet Meg, who runs D.I.Y. classes for women

    From teaching ballet to working on a mine, Meg is game for anything. Meg now teaches woodworking and power tool skills. ìThe mission is to empower women by providing them with the opportunity to gain skills and confidence.î

  • Meet Daryl, who loves getting hands-on the tools

    Daryl has always loved working with his hands. ìI really love being able to make or fix something and say: ëI built thatí. Because I work with a lot of different trades, I tend to ask a lot of questions and my knowledge has increased exponentially."