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Recently, I turned my boring ugly backyard into an amazing sitting area using the brand new Ekodeck decking. Here are a few photos of the different st ...

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We have finally completed the last major section of our front yard. As you can see we are on a steep slope which made the job quite tricky. After 5 ...

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G'day everyone. @mich1972 showed us how they protect their garden from the chickens and I didn't want to take over their discussion with my photos, s ...

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Would the 25mm blue gripit plasterboard fixes be suitable to wall mount a tv to the plasterboard? It says they can hold up to 60kg. I have a 50” t ...


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Note to moderators: Please do let me know if this post goes against the Workshop guidelines, as the post is related to a commercial site and not resid ...

I wanting to build a cage for my bird that is fairly big as he is a medium size parrot. I need whatever the cage is made out of to be able to get wet ...

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..well more like $28.99 X 2. I'll explain. After some researching and a bit of trial and error, I found these solar flood lights which I recently in ...

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Hi, We have a soft-close drawer in our kitchen bench that all of a sudden decided it was no longer going to close all the way. You can push it all the ...

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Hello Members, Hope you are doing good. I would like to buy ( a sheet / cardboard ) from Bunnings that closes the back of the rack and fix few dowel p ...

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Hello Members, May you please share on a economical Lawn Mower for the purpose of mowing 130sq. m area. There are many products available on the marke ...


I have a 600x600mm piece of 3mm thick acrylic sheet and I would like to cut it to a 550x550mm sized piece for a personal project. Does Bunnings have a ...

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