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Just Starting Out
2 replies

Creating a warm and welcoming lounge room on a budget. Turned our blank wall into something beautiful.MaterialsElectric Fireplace: https://www.bunning ...

Finding My Feet
4 replies

Laundry build from scratch.MaterialsBunnings wall tiles. Bunnings floor tiles. Paint. Fiber cement. Light fixtures. Bunnings cabinet. Acacia benchtop. ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

They were quality timber cabinets so were strippped and sanded and varnished with Feast Watson Liming White. Kitchen island has Porta Contours Lining ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

Wow had a wall between two doors in our lounge which was difficult to use effectively. Initially we had furniture there but it intruded into the walki ...


Finding My Feet
2 replies

Fight the winter blues with a fun project that creates a very cozy space using 2 old bookcases. This project saw two yellowing and chipped 25yr old b ...

Becoming a Leader
2 replies

I was asked to remove a section of external fibre cement sheeting to allow the plumber to find a suspected slow gas leak. They weren't able to find it ...

Finding My Feet
9 replies

Hi all, I hope to get some advice on making this space more enclosed and filling in any gaps. My goal is to revitalise this space behind our grann ...

Community Newcomer

how do i attach a tarp under the gutter on to the facia board

Community Newcomer

Just moved into a rented apartment and find out leakage under the bathroom sink. It was previously stucked with paper to prevent leakage. I cleaned it ...

Community Newcomer

Hi I would like to build my own barn door.To replace the folding door looks so old.I  don’t know what timber to use?

Getting Established
2 replies

hi everyone - have got two lots of broad beans going so before I get too pleased with self 浪- how often and with what does anyone recommend feeding ...

Kind of a Big Deal

Small project DIY July I have recently purchased a new printer, so I needed a printer table, this is the result, made from solid Tasmanian Oak timber. ...

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Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

If you have pot plant stains on a deck, our resident Bunnings D.I.Y. experts recommend using Feast Watson Woodclean. Our team has used it for various ...

Bunnings Team Member MitchellMc
Bunnings Team Member
5 replies

These stains re most likely from hard water. Stains from hard water can occur when water evaporates and leaves behind trace minerals such as calcium ...

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  • Meet Rufaro, the former architect now on the tools

    Former architect Rufaro was familiar with buildings and construction but had never been on the tools until becoming a homeowner. Now he is regularly impressing with his D.I.Y. projects. "I love how you can imagine something and bring it to life," says Rufaro.

  • Meet Lauren and Sarah, renovating their home together

    Lauren and Sarah purchased their Adelaide property two years ago and are renovating it themselves as a team. Sarah is the designer and Lauren the labourer. "There's nothing more satisfying than being able to proudly say 'I did that'," says Lauren.

  • Meet Joe, who is always in the workshop

    "I'm in the workshop more than my house," says Joe. With a passion for D.I.Y. that started when he was a youngster, Joe loves the satisfaction of making something yourself. "I learned from my mistakes and asked questions."