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Building a Reputation
7 replies

Hi I need to concrete just a small area that will be next to existing concrete the area is about 1m wide x 600mm length x 100mm deep So I have a ge ...

Community Newcomer

The cavity door does not stay in the centre of the guide ie is loose and when we try to close the privacy latch the door gets pushed and not aligned w ...

Community Newcomer
2 replies

Hi gang, we need some more ventilation in our bathroom. All we have is this weird floating ceiling. Sparky told us a traditional heat light/exhaust fa ...

Community Newcomer

Hi all, Hoping you can help, there seems to be no water flowing into number 4 even though it shares the same plumbing as 1-3. I've tried turning the b ...

Finding My Feet
4 replies

 I've revamped an old chest of drawers, "cartoon style" for my daughter's bedroom. Sanded it all back then applied paint. I mixed "mark out spray pain ...

Community Newcomer

 get hard glue off from vinyal floor

Getting Established
23 replies

Hi everyone. I’m hoping someone could help me on this. I’ve been thinking to deck the whole area of my backyard (see photo). The area is around 25 m ...

Just Starting Out
4 replies

Hi  I’m new to this Bunnings forum. I live in the Shoalhaven area which was recently on the news due to massive weather/ flooding events we’ve had ...

Growing in Experience
7 replies

   Help! Have just had windows installed and the window installer has not installed a piece of material between the two windows. previously there w ...

Cultivating a Following
3 replies

Hi Community , Bought this LED light from Bunning about a year ago and when I opened it up to clean the outer casing I noticed that alot of these LE ...

Just Starting Out
5 replies

I have a curtain rail I tried to install two months ago but gave up because the instructions were seriously confusion AND I don't know what to do with ...

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Bunnings Team Member EricL
Bunnings Team Member

To fix scratches on timber chairs, first try using Waxstixs that match the colour of your furniture. To apply the Waxstixs, rub directly into the ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
1 reply

It is very difficult to kill morning glory and you need to be vigilant over a long period to completely eradicate it. Just spraying something like Ro ...

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