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Since Christmas last year I have been starting to invest in the design and install of a DIY pergola structure, and soon to be Kwila decking. You can s ...

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Have finished a cosmetic overhaul of my ensuite! This one threw up a lot of challenges (eg. when replacing the toilet cistern discovered they hadn't b ...


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Hi everyone, I have a small kitchen, the kitchen is in one big room that has a lounge and dining area all in the same area, the kitchen doesnt work, a ...

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G'day DIYers. Thought I'd share with you the biggest DIY project I've ever attempted. We're basically extending our alfresco area to include an awning ...

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Just thought I'd share before and after photos of my original 1995 kitchen after painting. I painted the cupboard doors and panels with White Knight ...

Budding Contributor
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    Hi everyone I am after some help to lime wash my dining table to create a more rustic look. Could anyone help me? I have attached a photo. Wo ...

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How do I make "new" the bedroom side table . Do I just retouch it up with some paint/varnish available from Bunnings. ?

New Contributor
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I am currently redoing our laundry but whoever built it did a weird job. I am removing the wall tiles and accidentaly torn part of waterproof membr ...

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Hi all, Attached below is the pic of my frontyard. As you can see, its filled with white stone. I am planning on replacing the letter box with a tim ...

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I have a problem with water holding at the end of my patio and was just wondering what the best and easiest approach would be to get rid of the water. ...

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I purchased a Lime tree from Bunnings but it’s produced Oranges…. Is there anything I can do about it? cheersMike 

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I am building a freestanding patio and about to install the gutters but am not sure where the back channel goes.

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  • Meet Rylie, who is always making something new

    Pallet wood recycling expert Rylie has shared many popular and creative projects with the Workshop community. "I am always in the backyard thinking of new things to make," Rylie says. "I've always got to be doing something."

  • Meet Belinda, a renovation expert

    Belinda loves sharing her extensive knowledge and experience of renovation projects so people can avoid making costly mistakes. "People think that it's expensive to renovate, but it doesn't have to be," says Belinda. "It is easy to create a designer look for less."

  • Meet Tim, whose D.I.Y. projects are good for the soul

    Workshop member Tim has a passion for D.I.Y. and gardening. He also loves learning and sharing his knowledge and experiences. "There's something truly human about growing your own food and creating your own home," Tim says.