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Growing in Experience
3 replies

Hi Team, I am Ashriya and you might already know from my previous posts - making a seedling planting system. I have came up with another idea.  uhm ...

Finding My Feet
3 replies

Hi, apologies I’m an unexperienced gardener seeking advice. Any idea what might have happened to my griselinea tree? The other four ones I planted ne ...

Just Starting Out
6 replies

Hi I am wanting to build a small 3m by 3m deck with pergola. The decking material will be composite decking. A landscape architect drew a simple plan ...

Cultivating a Following
2 replies

How to paint the cement tiles roof quickly within a small budget? The roof is about 50 years old.  repaint old roof

Cultivating a Following
5 replies

   Hi Bunnings collective, wondering if anyone can tell me how I might be able to save this unhealthy Camellia? In a long row of them all others ar ...

Building a Reputation
5 replies

I have some mandarins growing and a Lemonade tree, but sadly I have a lot of fruit dropping off. The mandarins are mostly orange, some are still gre ...

Building a Reputation
1 reply

Hello,I want to connect a hose to my bathroom tap to water my plants on the balcony. I've found a gardena Adaptor (see pic). I was wondering if this c ...

Growing in Experience
4 replies

Hi, one of the brick walls of our garage has a large gap between it and the concrete slabs pavement outside. The gap is about 30-35mm and runs along m ...

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Bunnings Team Member MitchellMc
Bunnings Team Member

Slippery outdoor tiles can be a significant safety hazard. I recommend the DTA 1L Anti Slip coating. DTA is suitable for external use on ceramic, m ...

Bunnings Team Member EricL
Bunnings Team Member

There are different ways to control weeds in your lawn depending on severity. Pre-emergent weed killers target weeds before they've had the chance ...

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  • Meet Mariana, who loves sharing styling advice

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