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      This would have to be one of my favourite builds. I have always wanted to Build a barn door and now I have made one, I can’t wait to be building ...

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4 replies

With the impending arrival of mini-ProjectPete I've been busy prepping the new nursery in a range of ways and this customer floating shelf I made up f ...


Established Contributor
6 replies

There is no other way that I can move the fridge elsewhere. I'm concerned that the heat from the stove makes the fridge work harder. Perhaps will burn ...

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1 reply

  Hey Workshop members, I’m hoping to get some advice on how and if I can save these Escallonia Iveyi plants in my garden. They have been in there for ...

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Hi all, Really just build the screen fence for the first time as the first home improvement project. The side of the deck is 3.75m (width) * 2.7m (he ...

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60 replies

I would really love to get a passionfruit going, but haven't had much success. I know they're heavy feeders so i prepared the soil thoroughly. Firs ...

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Hi All, well after binge-watching just about every episode of 'Treehouse Masters', buying the book, and also scouring Youtube for related video; I've ...

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From some 50 year old rimu (red pine) I cut off the nailed and daggy bits and with my ryobi circular saw cut the 1 inch 4x1 in half and used my ryobi ...

1 reply

Hi members, Am a newbie here. Moving into a new house and while checking what can be done to the concrete garage floor, saw many suggested to apply ep ...

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This was a fun little build, and not hard to do try out yourself.   

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