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Garage and Shed

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Hi, there are heaps of awesome workshop projects here, so I thought I would mention an awesome CAD computer program I use.The program is part of a fre ...

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Long time stalker and first time poster. After seeing all these amazing things being built I decided to have a crack at making my own work area. Gener ...

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8 replies

So we have a door! Isn't she pretty!? This is the first of 4, barn style doors we are going to make for our shed and studio. This door h ...

1 reply

Hello,I have an area in my garage which is only 2300 wide.I woold like an upright and work top.and a peg board back for my power tools.does bunnings h ...

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3 replies

I'm looking at getting this drill driver set: My question is, ...

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Hi,I'm new here and didn't know this space existed, excited!My query is regarding my shed that came with the house I bought and I would like it to be ...

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Like most home D-I-Y-ers , space to me is a limited and precious resource. I have tried many workshop configurations over the years, but each limited ...

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So after what has been close to a year of planning I have finally completed my garage floor. It took a lot longer to get this project off the grou ...

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Love our garage make over to increase storage space & most importantly create a functional space for everyone!                

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A friend asked if I could make a cordless drill storage station on behalf of her sister to give to her husband as a birthday present. I showed her a p ...

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3 replies

Little project to sort out a tool storage & bits and pieces trays. Before... After... The smaller draws just slide on the shelves, the big draw at the ...

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Dartboard cupboard built from a pallet sourced in Bunnings dock. Cut down to size and sanded glued and screwed together. Have my 11yr old son star ...

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