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Garage and Shed

Help for garage and shed projects
Kind of a Big Deal
29 replies

               Good afternoon Workshop friends. We have cleared the shed. I want to paint the walls and epoxy the floor. What I need advice ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

I'm converting an old shed and want to insulate under a new (level) concrete floor that will be poured on top of an existing concrete slab. What is th ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Hi, I want to upgrade and fortify existing Garden shed floor. And also want seal the corners properly to keep bugs or skinks out. Please advise best D ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

 How do i stop water from coming into the wooden shed which is built in a concrete base? please help. I was thinking of adding an awning to redirect t ...

Amassing an Audience
20 replies

I started out around a month ago the transformation taking my 3 car shed for which I used to restore cars in and putting it through the transformat ...

Getting Established
2 replies

The floor in my underground basement garage is bare concrete, unsealed. Not polished but mostly smooth. It's about 14 years old and is covered with ru ...

Growing in Experience
3 replies

Hi Guys, Seeking advise on Garage Floor paint or epoxy ideas. I moved into my new home 2 years ago and never thought of doing anything to my garage ...

Growing in Experience
10 replies

I am new to this community and embarking on my first project involving Garage Epoxy. I've chosen the Rust Oleum Epoxy Shield Garage Floor Coating Kit ...

Getting Established
6 replies

Not much prior DIY experience here but wanted to build my own shed on top of concrete. However, because of heavy rains, concrete could get wet inside ...

Having an Impact
2 replies

Hi. I'm looking for recommendations for floor covering in a 13m X 15m shed that will be used for dog agility training. Something to keep the dogs fr ...

Making a Splash
3 replies

A friend of mine has a single garage that was simply a dumping ground. He asked for some help to clean it up so i suggested starting with a nice clean ...

Growing in Experience
1 reply

When we built our house we built a quadruple garage, with half of the garage designated to being the man shed/bar. It just had plain concrete floors, ...

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