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Garage and Shed

Help for garage and shed projects
Kind of a Big Deal
7 replies

It still works, but I noticed that small pad displaced from its copper mount. Is this crucial to the workings of a cassette? I have no idea. If so, wh ...

Making a Splash
3 replies

The garage door has been opening and closing without us using the controls. I've had to turn the power off to the unit because it keeps opening. Somet ...

Getting Established
6 replies

Hi I recently bought this work light - Arlec 60W E27 Globe inspect ...

Finding My Feet
2 replies

I've got T8s in my shed. I've recently added a golf sim and the lights are far too bright for the projector. I thought some smart T8s that I could dim ...

Kind of a Big Deal
1 reply

This was the second step to retrofitting my garage to become a Libary. Surprisingly removing the garage door and the fixed shelving was easy. Was ju ...

Growing in Experience
10 replies

We had car broken in to and this was stolen. We wish to change the remote as we need another one. Currently 2 remotes and one opener inside the house. ...

Cultivating a Following
24 replies

I want to cool my shed in summer and reduce condensation under the corrugated colour bond roof. Shed made out of weathertex. Not insulated at all. My ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

I loss one of my garage remote control, would like to get one for spare. However, I still have one that genius and currently still working. Does Bunni ...

Growing in Experience
5 replies

I am seeking help in getting the correct types + quantities + positions to install some new lighting in my garage. I previously had an ALDI brand 2 Ba ...

Building a Reputation
2 replies

We have 2 roller doors to our garage, 1 of them motorised and 1 is manually operated. The motor was added to the door that we use 90% of the time. The ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

Have been advised that it is of no use in a garage. Open door, window etc. you have ventilation. Roof has wire & sisilatation. Vent not nessesary? Plu ...

Having an Impact
12 replies

I have an attached garage that was full of junk and just used for storage so idecided to turn it into a cinema room but need to keep access to the ...

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