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Garage and Shed

Help for garage and shed projects
Kind of a Big Deal
10 replies

Hi all. Looking for a key to suit this Jacobs chuck. Tried one place without success and then looked at Bunnings online a few minutes ago. It's a 6. ...

Cultivating a Following
6 replies

Hi all, I have a small 3m x 3.4m north-facing garden in Melbourne, and I am hoping to design, build and plant some native plants/grasses etc. I'm thi ...

Finding My Feet
81 replies

How do I access engineering drawings for Mimosa 4.27 x 3.69 x 3.23m Wooden Gazebo? I want to apply for a permit with the local council to build the ab ...

Just Starting Out
4 replies

Existing externally located steel fame is set in single brickwork and has corroded around the bottom hinges area.Size - to fit existing double doo ...

Finding My Feet
12 replies

Hi, im looking at lining my brick wall in my garage with plasterboard. As it will have services for plumbing and electricity I'll need to batten it ou ...

Finding My Feet
7 replies

 hi guys, I brought a house and I want to delete the timber post hi-lighted in red. What size timber (yellow) would I need to span 6meters? I did see ...

Finding My Feet
20 replies

Hi,I have an Ozito (2000W 254MM) table saw. Please advise on what kind of dust extractor/collector will be best suited. Is connecting a vacuum a good ...

Having an Impact
5 replies

Hi. I'm adding leaf eaters but want them to blend in with existing colorbond walls. Can I use Metal Shield spray paint on PVC? Thanks https://www. ...

Bunnings Team Member MitchellMc
Bunnings Team Member
288 replies

Many Bunnings stores offer a timber cutting service to help you get your wood home and get started on your project. Here are some frequently asked q ...

Kind of a Big Deal
29 replies

               Good afternoon Workshop friends. We have cleared the shed. I want to paint the walls and epoxy the floor. What I need advice ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

I'm converting an old shed and want to insulate under a new (level) concrete floor that will be poured on top of an existing concrete slab. What is th ...

Getting Established
14 replies

I need a coating for my carport floor. It has previously been painted but the paint has lifted when hot tyres came to rest. Some of the paint is curre ...

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