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Hi All, So happy to have found this workshop community. I am keen on making my first wood project in a decade! I want to make a folding wooden picnic ...

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Hey there! We live in a rental apartment and would like to know if you have any ideas on how to build a cat proof enclosure? Any tips would be great. ...

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Hi! I’m thinking of building a wooden deck over this sunken concrete area. But I’m confused with two issues - what ‘level’ to use and if/how I should ...

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  I have moved into a house and found this letterbox cover missing all my mails are either getting wet or torn into pieces by snails living insid ...

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Hi everyone, This is my first time building a deck. I'm planning to demolish the pergola and the bricks to build a low-level deck on a concrete sla ...

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Hello, We're looking to construct a timber deck over our existing timber patio along with new railing and aren't too sure where to start or how muc ...

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Hi there, I have an alfresco that I wish to deck out. The alfresco is concreted with the house at the moment (refer attached pictures). Now I have com ...

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Hi everyone, new member, just moved into my first house and experiencing the fun of DIY. I'm building a deck out the back door and am trying to work o ...

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I have just completed roofing the pergola with polycarbonate and now need to flash the high side against a brick wall. Do I need to cut a channel into ...

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I purchased a piece of round Merbau (SpecRite 400mm round timber panel Merbau FJ Laminated) with the vision of making it into a small snack/platter ta ...

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How can I remove sap from a maple tree off my paving? I had the tree trimmed and the branches were on the paving for a brief moment and stained them. ...

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Hi I am looking to build a pool pump cover out of something that is low maintenance and provides ventilation for the pool heater. I would love to be a ...

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