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Bunnings Workshop is a friendly online community for asking home improvement and gardening questions and sharing your projects.

Whether you are a D.I.Y. beginner looking for a helping hand or accomplished on the tools, Workshop is a great place to learn, share ideas and get inspiration.

We encourage everyone to join in the discussion with our welcoming community. It takes less than a minute to join Workshop and making your first post is quick and easy.

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The Bunnings Workshop community includes thousands of customers and team members, including many experienced and knowledgeable professionals, D.I.Y. experts, horticulturalists and more.

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Meet the community
  • Meet Mariana, who loves sharing styling advice

    Mariana believes the key to styling your home is prioritising whatever makes you happy. “Be true to yourself. It's fine to follow trends but also remember to do what you love.” Mariana is studying interior design and enjoys helping others create beautiful and useful spaces.

  • Meet Marty, who recycles pallets into treasure

    Marty started making planter boxes out of pallet wood a few years ago. Now he makes everything from dining tables to entertainment units and cubby houses. "I love being able to put my own creative flair on the products I build."

  • Meet Belinda, a renovation consultant

    Belinda has assisted many people with their home renovation projects, and regularly provides practical tips to Workshop members. “By sharing my experience, I hope to help someone more inexperienced avoid making the same mistakes that I made.”