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 We recently updated our kitchen bench with feature board

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Hi, We have a soft-close drawer in our kitchen bench that all of a sudden decided it was no longer going to close all the way. You can push it all the ...

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  Hi all, I’m new to the group and wanted to thank you all for contributing to the advice in this forum which is invaluable! We are hoping to ren ...

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Kia ora! I've just bought my first home and am firmly in the dreaming stage about what I want to do when I move in - it's currently tenanted, so I don ...

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Hi All.On everyone's advice, as I go, I'm going to break out my giant post into individual posts - starting with the Kitchen.I've already received som ...

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Hi There,Can someone please advise how to reduce the height of these brand new bar stools?We bought these stools recently and didn't check the height ...

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As a result of a very dramatic change in personal circumstances, I am forced to relocate and buy furniture and some appliances. A family member is ver ...

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Hi community! I'm a first home buyer and would love some advice. I have 0 knowledge on renovations and have been busily reading up over the past few m ...

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When it came time to knock up a batch of Hot Cross Buns the other day, I thought I had the perfect tray to bake them in, but after half an hour or s ...

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We are wanting to renovate this kitchen on a budget of about $7-10k and looking for ideas / inspiration as we're not sure where to begin! Looking to m ...

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I wish to paint (possibly lacqer) a white melamine surface. What paint and method should I use?

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Hi there- this is my first post as I can’t seem to solve this issue through other channels so thought I could get some help here. I got this tap off e ...

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