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Help for kitchen renovation projects
Becoming a Leader
5 replies

Wondering if anyone has had issues with the cleaning up process after using paint stripper. I started sanding back an old kitchen table I'd purchase ...

Community Newcomer

How do I paint over a shiny laminex cupboard?

Finding My Feet
7 replies

Hello to this wonderful community. This is my first post. We are planning to facelift kitchen cabinets by painting the cabinet doors. We are going to ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

So I have wooden kitchen bench which was previously stained with cabotts dark Coco. I'm wanting to change it with Dulux renovations kitchen bench acr ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Hi I’m making a table and I’m using plywood for the table top, is there a way to make plywood waterproof? I know there are products that can be used b ...

Finding My Feet
10 replies

Hi all, I bought these stools recently and I love them but the timber is just a tiny little too yellow for my liking. I don’t want to return them, is ...

Growing in Experience
3 replies

Have recently renovated my house, bench top goes in within the next week and I'm then wanting to tile a splash back in the kitchen, I have just recent ...

Finding My Feet
2 replies

can someone tell me how you get this effect on the bottom cabinets? Is it a type of antique wash? The 1st photo is the effect in after and the 2nd is ...

Growing in Experience
4 replies

I am planning to go for polyurethane in lexicon quarter white for bottom cabins and drawers. Did anyone try polyurethane in lexicon quarter white matc ...

Having an Impact
13 replies

I wanted to have the marble look for my benchtop, but not the hassle (or price) of removing and replacing the whole benchtop. I watched a few differe ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hi I'm in the process of slowly renovating my kitchen and have successfully painted the wall tiles using White Knight Tile and Laminate paint. I also ...

Growing in Experience
2 replies

I am replacing a laminated benchtop with a wooden benchtop that will be appropriately stained and sealed with several coats. Having seen the effects m ...

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