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Vulcan under kitchen sink, usually warm, cockroaches reside in large numbers. They die of bait but happily come back a few weeks after. Any tips how t ...

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Hi All, I was putting some shopping away in my fridge & when i went close the top fridge door I noticed a crack. No idea how this happened, Is there a ...

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How often do you get to the supermarket and wonder where your plastic shopping bags are?In the boot, back in the kitchen, somewhere at home in a heap? ...

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It’s my birthday and I can’t get enough of Bunnings Spring flat plastic.

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We began our kitchen last year and it has taken us quite some time to finish - whilst there is those little jobs yet still to go.. we had ordered a wa ...

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Hi, We have a soft-close drawer in our kitchen bench that all of a sudden decided it was no longer going to close all the way. You can push it all the ...

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Kitchen islands are a great place to create a feature but are often forgotten (at least in the ones I've seen) so it was great to add this architectur ...

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After seeing large grazing boards selling for over $100 I thought I would have a crack at making one for my girlfriend. It turned out great and only c ...

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  Hi, mates ! This is my dust basket . Any advice help to improve it ? Thank you ! Vica

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When I got tired of having various size spice jars piling up in the kitchen cabinet, I decide to make this drawer unit which sits inside of the cabine ...

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We have nearly finished our new kitchen and our 'tea nook' although handy was already proving to be a blackhole...The $20 & 5-minute solution? A 1m LE ...

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There is a 20 mm space on either side of our freestanding electric stove between stove and cabinets, do you have any suggestions on how best to fill ...

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