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Bathroom and Laundry

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Hello community, my mother in law has moved into a new abode, but the shower is located above the bathtub.This is a problem for an 88year old.I have s ...

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Hello buddies, 1) I am trying to fix a leak under the sink of my bathroom tap as the picture attached. I m not sure how to replace and/or buy the par ...


The spout on my mixer tap is loose. I am told that the two grub screws holding it have come loose, can I get to these grub screws from the top by remo ...


Bunnings stock threaded galvanised pipes and fittings. What type of thread is used?

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Before makeover As a beginner,we make over this small toilet for the first time, use mirror (acrylic mirror ) and extra LED strip lights to make it l ...

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Hi,What fitting do I need to use to attach a washing machine outlet pipe (corrugated plastic pipe) to the undersink trap, and do I go in through the ...

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Can I use the below product on tiles that already in the shower or do the tiles need to be removed. If they aren’t removed what would be the outcome o ...

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Hi, I am replacing a 1/4 turn ceramic disc wall spindle, but have found that the thread is too narrow to fit the bonnet/flange. Is there an adapter o ...

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 Hi all, I have started installing a laundry system in the laundry, for storage and drying (has clothesline and shelves). Due to lack of studs in the ...

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      Very pleased & proud of how this room turned out. Took a couple of weeks to complete, lots of evenings & weekend. was on a strict bu ...

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     Just after advise on how to complete a started bathroom. Bought the house with a start to a second bathroom and would like to complete it but I ...

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Hello, I bought a mondella bath tap set with spindles to replace my old ones. I was told by the instore assistant the spindle was an Aus standard size ...

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