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Bathroom and Laundry

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I have done a bit of research and would love peoples thoughts on push on fittings like smartex or shark bite, in plumbing, I need to make a change in ...

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I have replaced my shower head and rail and am trying to replace the mixer. It is the exact same mixer tap as in the following video. https://www ...

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Our second DIY project for a primary school teacher and an electrician. Learning along the way was great and thanks to the helpful team members from B ...

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Hi all. We have just moved into a rental property and trying to connect washing machine inlet pipe to the tap. The existing hole through which the hos ...

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I need to know what is the best means of securing the wooden bathtub frame (like in the bunnings YouTube video on building a bathtub frame) to 3/4" ce ...

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A relative simple task that can be achieved with only a few tools and some products from Bunnings. Products required: System inlet replacement kit t ...

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Help! I've bought some new taps for our shower. The spindles were too short so I bought some ceramic disk spindle extenders. It doesn't leak but I'm s ...

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Hi, I currently have an old basin set am looking to replace with it’s pret ...

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Hey Workshoppers, We have recently had a bath installed in a flat, and I've been trying to find out if this is a new thing. The bath Is ONLY SECURE ...

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Hey guys, might be a stupid question but I have an issue with laundry taps. Plumber came and changed washers etc I keep taps on at the wall at all ti ...

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hi my dual laundry tap is 2yrs old. when I open tap water does not flow out. however the washing machine tap works normal. I did open the whole tap ...

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About eleven months ago, we hired a shower repair company to seal the tile floor of our shower stall with epoxy grout. But now it is leaking again. W ...

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