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Bathroom and Laundry

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About eleven months ago, we hired a shower repair company to seal the tile floor of our shower stall with epoxy grout. But now it is leaking again. W ...

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Hello Workshoppers! My question is about using liquid stone, such as Crommelin or Megacrete, for a bathroom floor. I will be renovating my bathroom i ...

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Hey! We want some advice on fixing our damaged laundry caused by water leakage (while the house was tenanted). The hardwood floor is now arched up, a ...

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Hi, I need some help and direction, I have an older house with Jarrah flooring and will be converting a box room into an ensuite for the main bedroom, ...

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Hi All,Curious to how others tackle this problem. I have a combined bathroom and shower upstairs. It came without a floor waste so part of the renovat ...

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Hi guys. I have hardwood floors in my laundry and 2nd toilet. We are going to be tiling over them. My question is- do we need to put cement sheeting d ...

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Hi all! We are embarking on a big project of turning our downstairs space (enclosed but not sealed) into a full living space. The flooring is steel tr ...

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I've just pulled up the tiles to my laundry (1975 Warwick, WA house) and the laundry tiles essentially sat on a layer of screed and under that is bare ...

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Hi All,During the Christmas holidays, we decided to remove the carpet and do the laminate flooring in our house. We could do this in two rooms only an ...

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 how to remove old painting from laundry floor, if I can't grind it before repainting

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I have a small room where there is bare concrete. I wish to lay vinyl tiles but first need to create an even surface. I want to use something like L ...

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