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Bathroom and Laundry

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                         DIY July This project is in collaboration with Britsh Paints Australia My laundry & cabinets desperately nee ...

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I used Davco easy grout and it has hazed my ceramic tiles.Grout link: ...

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Hi, Near my bathroom door, there is a mouldy & rotten timber part. Does anyone know a page/thread/post showing how to cut off a part of timber and re ...

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You name it I've tried it - vinegar, bicarb soda, bleach, BAM, CLR. Nothing is getting rid of the white calcium build up on shower glass.

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Hi could someone please suggest how to clean soap scum that seems to have cemented itself to tile grout. I have used white king gel which looked like ...

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Hi last year we moved into a house and hired someone to regrout our shower stall because its an old house and the old grout was all deteriorated and t ...

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    We live in a rental and the bathroom vanity smells really damp. We’ve given it a thorough clean, sprayed with Glen 20 but it still smells. No vi ...

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Hello team, Good day. Hope you all are well. I am looking for some help here please. My bathroom drain is clogged. I can see lumps of hair. I am ...

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  heya.. Just wondering if someone could tell me if the rubber on the shower glass to the aluminium frame is silicone sealant? And also on the outsi ...

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Hello, Looking for cleaning solution for a shower screen and door, it appears to be built up condensation that has evolved to mold. My last resort is ...

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Hi,I was just wondering if anyone has any tips to get rid of tough bathroom scum? Also in the toilet bowl. I’ve tried CLR and Bar Keepers friend and s ...

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How can I remove mould in silicone? My new bathroom is only 12 months old so I didn’t think I had to change the silicone? thanks heaps

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