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Whole of House

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 Hi there, This section of my timber floor in my kitchen Is flaking apart. It appears the previous owner must have filled it in with some form of cla ...

Bunnings Team Member MitchellMc
Bunnings Team Member
18 replies

I'd be interested to hear about what everyone is up to at the moment. Are you planning a project and spending some time in the shed, or perhaps you've ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
14 replies

The Bunnings team is considering hosting live events here on Workshop so you can get help and inspiration for your projects. The events would also be ...

New Contributor
5 replies

Hi....i bought a 2bhk's unfurnished. so i am thinking of doing wood work with Space Saving Furniture like wall bed, sofa come wall ...

Budding Contributor
15 replies

     So I couldn’t find a plant stand that was the height or look I wanted so Bunnings to the rescue again! I did realise halfway for a stand this hei ...

New Contributor
13 replies

I do some playing around with old pallets have made a blanket box ,stand for the bathroom ,Hall way coat hanger, out door BBQ table and seat, Garden w ...

New Contributor
4 replies

Just wondering if I can replace an external steer door frame with timber on a brick house.

Budding Contributor
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Hi all I’ve just discovered this section on the website - it’s going to change my life!!!!! Wondering if anyone in the community has done any mosaick ...

Moderator JaneK
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Are you all about food and the kitchen? Perhaps you prefer to spend your time in your shed or garage? Or maybe it's not a room at all - perhaps it's y ...

New Contributor

  You can change the look and feel of your home by adding details like fret work. Interior fretwork is used to decorate hallways, window bay ...

Established Contributor
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  I am not able to put permanent fixtures on these walls. It is trust rules as it is a historical building that was built in 1863. So, I tried co ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
49 replies

Hi everyone, Whether it's a cherished lesson passed on from one generation to the next, a throwaway line from a mate, or something you've personally ...

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