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Whole of House

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OK; so this year appears to have been extremely conducive to moss growing on tile roofs and in gutters. Unfortunately, most recommended treatments inv ...

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I’ve been sanding back the front step and got rid of a few layers of paint and want to fully prep it for a clear varnish. Any product tips for cleanin ...

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Hi All, I thought I would share this product as apart of the Grid Connect system I am running in my house, being new to the market and their first mod ...

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Hi Workshoppers, Any idea what I can use to clean up these window frames? I have tried detergent and vinegar and also a paint scrapper (which didn't a ...

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I have just brought a home in a small country town in WA. The inside of the house ,needs cleaning , washing walls and cornice corners repaired. I Nev ...

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Any suggestions on what I can do to clean up this old air-conditioner? It's about 18 years old, works fine. Due to budget I don't really want to repla ...

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Hi Bunnings Workshop, do you have any advice on removing/treating ceiling mould? thanks!!

Bunnings Team Member MitchellMc
Bunnings Team Member
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Many parts of Australia have experienced some unprecedented and devastating weather events over the last year, and undoubtedly many of our members are ...

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how do i clean brushes after using White Knight epoxy enamel paint ( water or solvent

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Hello, Im wondering what product I can use to enhance/update these metal bits?

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I had a Monster steam cleaner for ceramic tiles which has burned out after 9 years. I have never had any product on my floor and would like feedback o ...

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