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Whole of House

Help for projects that encompass the entire house
Retired Team Member Akanksha
Retired Team Member
9 replies

As the cost of living continues to rise, it's important to make every dollar count. It would be great to hear what Bunnings Workshop community membe ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

How can I spot clean large area’s of carpet when I can not squat or bend over?

Finding My Feet
1 reply

  Noticing ants getting in and out of a few gaps between the wall and the floor in my living room. I don’t have skirting boards btw. I’ve removed al ...

Making a Splash
6 replies

A very simply fix but proved to be effective. This had been on my mind for a very long time and I looked into chemical treatment and even replacing th ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

The house painter we engaged 6 years ago painted the 140 year old stair ballustrades with white oil based paint. They left splatters on the unpainted ...

Getting Established
3 replies

A few days ago a stain has appeaed in our dinning room It has an unusual shape and colour. White ceiling, stain is darker than photos show. It has not ...

Getting Established
3 replies

Hi guys Just wondering how to remove patina rust from copper / brass door handles without removing them? ( please see the attached photos) Also wh ...

Growing in Experience
1 reply

I have a mice in the garage that I need to get rid off. I'd like to know though if I put a trap with bait or just bait out, does the bait just attract ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

I have an outside shower with a cement floor. I would like to get rid of the mould and paint it. What do you recommend?

Finding My Feet
1 reply

Hello why doesn't AEG have wet/dry vacs in Australia compared to Ridgid in America. And how does AEG appliances and AEG tools have the same logo. AE ...

Building a Reputation
7 replies

Hi everyone Our 1947 house’s front was built with sandstone . House inside and structure is good but front of the house looks it very old ( off cours ...

Getting Established
8 replies

Howdy all, I am looking for any help/suggestions for a massive project. Lounge, Kitchen and Dining walls are covered in years of nicotine stains! L ...

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