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Whole of House

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Community Newcomer
1 reply

 Today I installed a new front door on my house. I’m unsure where to look in regards to choosing the right stain. Attached is a photo of the new door ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

I want to build a Merbau deck over a 5500mm by 1830mm exposed verandah. I have 40mm clearance. I was going to use sleepers of 19mm as Joists at 450mm ...

Growing in Experience
8 replies

We have an under cover merbau deck. I used Cabot’s aqua deck to cover it. As it is not very shiny and requires more maintenance I was wondering if I ...

Cultivating a Following
1 reply

       We had a problem with the court yard, where in heavy rain, the rain fall from the roof would make the ground would destroy the grass and ...

Finding My Feet
4 replies

Hello!I need to replace some bits of my balustrade, some of the white lower parts are very old and are rotting, all the green including the top rail a ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

I have an outside shower with a cement floor. I would like to get rid of the mould and paint it. What do you recommend?

Retired Team Member Akanksha
Retired Team Member
23 replies

As a new year begins, we look forward to continue assisting our members with improving their homes and gardens. One of the things I love most about ou ...

Growing in Experience
15 replies

Hi, I’ve uncovered a rotted section on timber post on my deck. I’ve scraped back the section - see pics. My first thought was to make good again wit ...

Building a Reputation
8 replies

Hello I would like get some information how could I fill the gap between pavers . last 2 years I filled the gap 3 times with different brand pave se ...

Growing in Experience
2 replies

I have this space in front of the house that has no practical use. I kept those stones to paint them in different colours as decoration. Didn't get to ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Hi ,can anyone out there help, the roughcast foundation has recently been painted and there is white sealer / undercoat,also top coat drips, drops and ...

Finding My Feet
14 replies

  When our front verandah was tiled a few years ago there has been some grout hazing ever since & it’s difficult to remove. Can someone please recomm ...

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