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Whole of House

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Fibro, or compressed fibre cement sheeting, has been a versatile and widely used building material for nearly 100 years. Unfortunately, in those day ...

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Hi, I would like some recommendations of products to seal MDF sheeting for mosaic work. Currently the undercoat I use is British paint white prep 4 in ...

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  Jumped in the popular trend and created a tiled table. We are just starting on social media and This is our first DIY captured Check out @BlueysDIY ...

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             We purchased this home back in 2019 and as my husband is a qualified chippy we have renovated the house completely from the inside ...

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Hi, I have bought this little cabin and my dad and I are renovating and turning it into a tiny home. We are pretty much stripping the inside includin ...

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I’m wondering if it is possible to effectively paint floor tiles… We have tiles in the bathroom and kitchen areas, but I don’t love the colour. They a ...

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    Turning small white tiles into hand painted coasters. What you need: small white wall tiles, paint, paint brush, felt dots, sealant. All you nee ...

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Hi all, i leased this property which has the concrete floor and i want it to be tiled But the owner of the property doesn't want his floor to be mess ...

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Help. I've decided to put some ceramic tiles to replace some worn old carpet an a high traffic area. The tiles are Dura Ceramic tiles, 60x30cm, su ...

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  When our front verandah was tiled a few years ago there has been some grout hazing ever since & it’s difficult to remove. Can someone please recomm ...

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Have an old Californian bungalow, we exposed an old brick fireplace. The bricklayer came and fixed it all up and rebuilt the back. I am planning on pu ...

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Hi everyone Really confused with this one bought a house built that is 1988 built had vinyl laid over top Cork floor . Cork underlay is glued to ho ...

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